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Bar hostesses on duty in military uniforms


The CCTV program that follows the evening Network News (新闻联播), Topics in Focus (焦点访谈), recently discussed the shocking phenomenon of bar hostesses, or 'sex industry workers,' wearing military uniforms.

The program was an investigation into the use of '07-issued uniform' (07式军服) among civilians, a practice that is illegal. It was exposed, according to Topics in Focus, in April this year, when some dodgy-looking bosses were discovered wearing the '07-issued uniform.' They turned out to be purchasing the clothes, putting name tags on them, and giving them to their staff to wear.

Another trade utilizing the uniforms is the sex industry. Bar hostesses were filmed in a show wearing military gear from the air force, navy, and army.

On July 12, a post on the iFeng forum shows stills from a parade in Dongguan, where ladies of the industry pose in nurse and army uniforms.

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