Gay cruising in Dongdan

A few days ago, Danwei remarked on a Beijing News article about Dongdan Park — the capital's best-known gay pick-up spot — that did not actually mention this well known aspect of the park.

Not everyone is so coy. Here for example is a story about gays and HIV testing in China that claims there are five to ten million male homosexuals in China, with 300,000 in Beijing. A China Daily article that takes its numbers from the same sources says that there are 20 million male homosexuals in China..

Finally, here is a short video shot by Muzi Mei in Dongdan Park, in which she and a friend interview a policeman on the beat about the gay cruising scene in the park.

UPDATE: This video has been removed from Youtube...

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The background music is perfect, who knows the name of the song?


muzi mei's video is an unfortunate objectification of gay men in china. although well-intentioned, perhaps, one can't help but feel as though the non-consenting subjects (the guys entering the restroom, the guy turning his head from the camera) were filmed on a human safari of sorts.

The background music is Starsailor's Fidelity.
From "silence is easy"

"muzi mei's video is an unfortunate objectification of gay men in china."

Go back to your post graduate studies in identity politics you PC loon. Objectification? Human safari? That's what we call making a documentary film.

to docu-object: a bit of shaky camera work sneaking up on and invading the privacy of people in a park. and you call this a documentary? Looks more like cheap american reality tv to me. I expected ashton kutcher or whatever he is called to jump out at any minute. I suggest you go back to film school and read up on the ethics of documentary film making. and while you are at it, learn some manners.

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