Queer Tibet

Fridae is a website with the aim of "empowering gay Asia". This is from a recent story by Dinah Gardner:

Gay Lhasa

Lhasa, capital of his estranged Himalayan kingdom, now has a small yet flourishing queer scene.

...It’s hard to find, but the city does have a gay bar. Yeshe, a 20-something gay Tibetan who is working as a bar manager for a tourist restaurant in Lhasa, says Lanse Tian Kong (Blue Sky) is quite hidden, but “there are so many gay boys who go there, especially on Friday’s and Saturday’s. It’s packed.” To protect it, its location won’t be given here.

There are also popular cruising spots in the city, says Tenzin Tsetan, a gay Tibetan from India, who runs (use this Nanny-proof link in China), a blog with resources on gays and lesbians in the “autonomous region” and Tibetan communities around the world...

...According to a local lesbian, there are no dyke bars, and girls will rarely go to Blue Sky bar. “We meet each other through friends, or normal bars, or through the Internet,” says 30-year-old Lhundrop.

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very good~ i like danwei!

Is this because there aren't enough women in Tibet to mate with local men? Similar to men in prisons would turn "situational homosexual"?

What you mean?

Gay people are everywhere man.

It's the thing for some.

Why do you need "situational homosexual" in order for a particular region to have gay people?

I quite like the idea of the situationalist homosexual. could be the next movement for the Young Chinese Artists

That's the best way to drive the PAP/PLA out of Tibet, let loose legions of horny gay men upon them!

Nanheyangrouchuan: That's a great idea... Wanna lead?

I kid.

I want to scream free something now... but that' probably not appropriate here.

Jay: haha, that's a kneeslapper! I'll take on the women's brigade. Even ugly chicks need some lamb meat in their diet.

Of course, with the PLgay and PAPsmear boys being so unpopular with girls, they just might take on Tibetan rump rangers. Then we'd see what a real sword fight would look like.

That's too much man, too much...

"I quite like the idea of the situationalist homosexual. could be the next movement for the Young Chinese Artists" Mike...or the old horror flick Tibet?

"I could show you my favourite obsession. I've been making a man with blond hair and a tan, and he's good for relieving my... ...tension....I'm just a sweet transvestite..from Transexual, Transylvania, ha ha, HEY, HEY!"

How can I find a nice Tibetian boyfriend here in Atlanta?

This is very interesting article! All thumbs up!

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