The Golden Island Bath House

Here is a newish Chinese blog written in a very literary style, all about sex: A Big Kang. It's hosted on the Soho Xiaobao blog provider, which is owned by Beijing's SOHO real estate development company.

Below is a rough translation of the blog's latest post, a prose poem about visiting a bath house. (In China bath houses, like hair salons, often have a much bigger business scope than their signs indicate.)

The Golden Island Bath House

The Golden Island Bath House is medium sized, but has girls and private rooms

I went there for a wash, chose a girl and did her

Her pussy was very big. When my instrument went in, it hung around without touching sides. 

She was excited

And said a lot of dirty words

Which made me happy

Time came and so did I

I got up and bade her farewell

Thanks to Comrade N for the link.

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Comments on The Golden Island Bath House

"Her pussy was big...'it' hung around without touching sides."

Almost needless to say, there is _another_ explanation...

Nice link - is always fun to see some contemporary 文言 writing, especially on a rather amusing topic.

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