New office hours for the World Cup

The World Cup is a big deal at the Beijing company that sent around the following notice:

A Special Notice

Latest Notice: The Company During the World Cup

Notice is made of the following:

1. During the World Cup, the start of work will be delayed from 9:00 am to 10:30.

2. Red Bull has been added to the company's refreshment room for employees to revitalize themselves. However, quantities are limited to two bottles per person per day. Please observe this rule when you drink.

3. During the World Cup, the company will run a prediction contest. Competitors will guess the champion, and the contest winner will be awarded an XBox (check your email for participation details).

4. During the World Cup, every day on which Brazil has a game, the company will organize a group to watch the game at the Goose and Duck, and will cover all drinks (those interested in taking part should apply with Xu Li in Administration before June 11).

5. If Brazil becomes the champion, the entire company will dine at the Golden Jaguar! (on the evening of July 12).

The above measures apply so long as they do not affect work.

[Company name redacted]

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Comments on New office hours for the World Cup

I like #3, march madness here never have cool prizes like Xbox. (which I hope is Xbox 360, otherwise it would suck)

It's Tencent!

It 's totally fake!!

please read carefully into the lines, what the hell is duck and chicken club, what retarded boss would name their bars like that just to turn the customers away???

i found another copy of this notice with the company's name not redacted but the location is in Chongqing, and the bet in not on Brazil but Spain, unfornately the employee in Chongqiong admitted that it was a joke and everything is fabrication.

in an age of photoshop and copy past, it proves again how unreliable things are on the Internet.

whoever made this up only wish this were true..hate u for wasting my time for this !!


The letter may be a fake, the Goose and Duck is real: it is a bar that has been operating in Beijing since 1998.

Many companies in China, at least those with football fans as bosses, do give their employees a little slack about working hours during the world cup.

But go ahead and hate us for wasting your time. We would prefer that illiterate people do not read our website, so please don't come back.


it's actually a nice place!

I checked how to write Brazil and Spain in Mandarin on Wikipedia.
The text (fake or not) only has mention of Brazil (巴西) and nothing about Spain (西班牙)

^ mr. anonymous' point was that supposedly another letter was floating around that mentioned Spain and not Brazil. In any case, it was funny and not a waste of time!


You must have nothing better to do in your life than writing comments like that. Seriously, go outside and jog a little bit or do a few sit ups. Life is not that bad after all.

it may be fake, but it's really nice :D

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