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Chinabounder is back, with a name and a book

Chinabounder's target reader

In August 2006, the blog hosting service Blogspot was unblocked in China. A psychology professor named Zhang Jiehai checked it out and found, to his displeasure, that a British English teacher calling himself 'Chinabounder' was writing a blog about his sexual exploits with young Chinese women in Shanghai.

Professor Zhang launched an Internet manhunt for Chinabounder, who soon stopped blogging. Someone claiming to be Chinabounder responded to enquiries from journalists saying that the "authors" of the blog were a group of performance artists who had fabricated its content as an investigation into online vigilante behavior.

Soon afterwards, Chinabounder disappeared from the Internet. (See the Guardian story linked below for a good summary of the case).

Now it seems Chinabounder is back.

Danwei received an email today titled 'News from Chinabounder':



'China has NOT changed' say the authors of 'FAULT LINES ON THE FACE OF CHINA: 50 REASONS WHY CHINA WILL NEVER BE GREAT,' David Marriott and Karl Lacroix.

'FAULT LINES' peels back the political stage make-up, thickly applied by China's communist government on the visage of 'the people's motherland.'

Published in Japan on May 21st 2008 by Random House Kodansha, 'FAULT LINES ON THE FACE OF CHINA' presents China bare-faced, by revealing 50 real-time and deeply scarring fissures that prevent the country's march towards global superpower status.

'FAULT LINES' may unfortunately incite Chinese rage, into a storm of anger, instead of what is really needed – perfect reason. As an example the authors will reveal the identity of 'ChinaBounder,' the blogger who enraged Chinese public opinion in 2006...

One of the authors, David Marriot, was previously identified by several online commenters as being the real name of Chinabounder (see the 'Who is Chinabounder' blog linked below).

Since the book's press release was sent as "News from Chinabounder" and includes links to Chinabounder's blog, it seems safe to assume that David Marriot is in fact Chinabounder.

Perhaps the thrill of philandering in Shanghai and enraging Chinese psychology professors can only be replaced by the thrill of encouraging Sinophobia in Japan.

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Amm, I'd be a bit careful with calling what he's doing Sinophobia.
The Chinabounder blog was an effective, though inelegant, provocation; the strong response to it can tell few things about Chinese society, and they are not good things.

I don't know about the book, but wouldn't judge a book by it's press release.


It may not be Sinophobia. After all the press release seems to be saying that China will not become a superpower and therefore is not to be feared.

Moreover, books published in English in Japan are unlikely to encourage much of anything on the part of Japanese people.

But I think it is fair to judge a book by its press release when the author of the press release is also the author of the book, and especially so when the press release is at best sensationalistic, and at worst duplicitous (if Marriot is indeed Chinabounder).

Terrible, clunky title - the first of many reasons why this book will probably not be worth reading?

now shagging a few tarts in shanghai qualifies you to be an analyst of china's status as a great power.

china is wonderful for foreigners, chinabounder must be grateful in his heart to china for the opportunity to be somebody.

Danwei is just helping this dufus by giving him free publicity

"Perhaps the thrill of philandering in Shanghai and enraging Chinese psychology professors can only be replaced by the thrill of encouraging Sinophobia in Japan."

I might add that this book about China's "FAULT LINES" (see title) was published on the third day of China's 3 day mourning period for the Wenchuan earthquake tragedy (May 19-21, 2008).

and caps lock syndrome, aiya

If "Great" means attracting the best people in the world, China is in a sorry position. It is collecting junk from the world over. The book and "chinabounder" tell you a lot about the kind of foreigners flooding to China. The most disturbing part is that these losers and castaways from their own country are on university campuses. Not one foreign academic with a real grownup's job (on a tenure-track position) in America I know of over the last decade has gone to China on a long-term basis. China is certainly not attracting the brightest minds in the world. Most of those foreigners on Chinese campuses are not even qualified for adjunct staff (a very sorry position) here. Even China's own people, the Qinghua and Beida graduates who are now the top two most likely candidates to earn American Ph. D.s, are staying away from its universities. (Number 3 is UC Berkeley. Its undergraduates are 45% Asian. How many of them are Chinese descendants?) Why are the patriotic Chinese overseas dragging their feet in America? Is their patriotism fake? No. It is because Chinese universities are filled with losers like chinabounder and "professor" Zhang Jiehai. These two are quite a match. How desperate you have to be to want to join these guys?

This is a chicken-egg process that produces a vicious circle. If Chinese universities are filled with junk, useful people are not coming to join them. Chinese university presidents can tour American campuses offering top notch labs year round but they will have no taker; nobody wants those kinds of "colleagues". You are whom you associate with. Forget about intellectual productivity. It is a matter of perception (or face), at the very least. If no useful people come, you are stuck with junk. What do you do? Do you first clear the site of junk and then hope useful people will fill the positions or the other way round? I think having a piece of junk in the position is far more damaging than having a vacancy; it turns good people away.

"Chinabounder" is a vivid case study about a unique characteristic of the Western reproductive culture. Male sexual exploits is something to brag about, to wear on one's sleeves, instead of something to keep discreet about. Callous sex is widely admired among Western guys (maybe even among women? After all, a reproductive strategy must be selected for both genders.). It must have to do with a reproductive strategy that differs quite a bit from East Asians. [There are scientific studies on this issue but out of my area.] Is it a fertility/virility test? It also has something to do with class. Truck drivers and trailer park dwellers (with whom I have no first hand experience) are especially fond of this kind of tales, I heard. Now American trash has been picked up by a Chinese "professor" and marketed to the more or less educated segment of the society (those with internet access), another damning sign of lack of greatness.

I am not a keen observer of the "chinabounder" case. I hope he is not sleeping with the students, which is not tolerated in American universities and comes with legal implications. If he sleeps with the students, the universities that hire him must be pursued with consequences. Here in America even serving as a teaching assistant in graduate school came with a prerequisite of attending a whole day training program, driving home just two messages: 1. do not sleep with the students and 2. do not let the professor walk all over you.

all the books are worth to read. it is depending to us, how we make a perception with the book.

He'd get the "EPIC TROLL" appellation if it weren't for the fact that Chinese people are SO easy to troll.

Further, gotta love his moxy; to be a jackass of that particular caliber takes some guts.

Well I admire your 博学精神 torasham and you are doubtless right on a higher plane, but down at my level, life's too short for guff like this looks to be. I'll take a chance on missing out.

This is like a loser's parade. The wanna-be stud, working the 30+ crowd, and now grabbing for every second of his 15 minutes of fame. Dude's got insight into China, man, seriously!

And the Professor...could somebody tell him about duck bars please? Its all the foreigners' fault, of course. Nothing to do with the gulf between the rich and the poor, and moral breakdown caused by insane wealth and power.

This reminds me of the periodic supposedly second wives that post on some BBS about how great their life is. The human flesh machine always focuses purely on her, and never bothers to proceed (assuming the original post is true, which of course it never is) to the government official or rich guy behind her.

If there really are lines of expensive black cars waiting for the hot university girls to get out of class, could somebody please blame the men instead of the girls?

Jeez what a joke.

Callous sex is widely admired among Western guys

What is "callous sex?" It sounds painful. In any case, Chinabounder may be an idiot, but I don't think guys like him are limited to the West. It seems like there are a "few" Chinese guys who visit prostitutes every week -- when they get time off from their mistresses, that is. I'm not sure what that supposedly reveals about "Chinese reproductive culture."

If you want to make a comparison, I'd put it like this: some Western guys go to China and have a lot of sex -- that they don't need to pay for (well, not directly) -- why? Because they can. If Chinese guys could go to the US and screw 5 different American women per month, do you think they would turn down the opportunity? We all know the answer to that. And if Chinese guys could do that, I'm sure there would be a few that would want to blog about it.

Oh dear, now the discussion gets boring.


The difference is you have English language websites dedicating to finding girls and getting laid in China (and elsewhere) but you don't have Chinese language sites telling people where to have sex overseas. The other thing is you have quite a lot (maybe I met too many losers) of westerners bragging about how easy to have sex with Chinese/Korean/Japanese girls.


You have good points. The cultural differences in male promiscuity is not in the deeds, but in the public display and advertising. I have a longer piece in my place ending with the following musings. (By the way, cultural differences in reproductive strategies have been documented extensively in scientific research.)

"Voluntary advertising of one’s own promiscuity is a feature of the Western male culture. I know Chinese and other East Asian guys with the same type of behavior, if not worse. They just do not get on top of the roof and on the internet screaming their lungs out about the number and variety of women they had slept with. What part of the Western culture that promotes this characteristic? My working hypothesis is that self-advertised promiscuity is a fertility display, a type of “trial before use”, a proof of virility and potency. But exactly how it works in social life? What kind of family structures and relationship patterns underpin this process?"

Most of you all are quite messed up.

Here in the States, the activities and statements by Chinabounder would not be acceptable and viewed with disgust. The liberals and feminists (yes the two does not have to be the same) as well as the conservatives and pretty much any decent human being with just an ounce of respect for human dignity will see it as pure filth.
Although these male sex quests are evident in every place where there are humans, and you have plenty of people who think like that, it's still nothing to boast about or appreciate.

Also, I have to agree with a previous comment that it seems a bit ludicous that an over-grown boy who has sex with some women in one place can make him an expert of the place as a whole.


but you don't have Chinese language sites telling people where to have sex overseas.

1) There are entire books dedicated to the subject: How to date a white woman: a guide for Asian men

2) There may not be web sites out there detailing how Chinese guys can land American wives, but that is only because everyone knows that would be a waste of time. The market for that is too small. Not because there is anything wrong with Chinese guys, but the whole reason Western guys find it easy to date women in Asia is due to a) economic disparity, b) lots of Asian women find Western men desirable (in large part because of point "a").

westerners bragging about how easy to have sex with Chinese/Korean/Japanese girls.

As I said, if Chinese/Korean/Japanese guys could easily have sex with lots of Western women, do you really believe that none of them would brag about it?

In any case, I agree with Don. Most Americans would find Chinabounder's behavior despicable and disgusting. Most Chinese don't understand that because they know virtually nothing about American culture or how socially conservative and sexually prudish most Americans are -- even compared to a lot of Chinese (and definitely compared to Europeans).

When did this get to be about Americans? Isn't Chinabounder from the UK?


That book (it must have taken you forever to google it) you brought up apparently was written by an Asian American man for Asian American men. Is he Chinese? Certainly the target market is not the Chinese since it is written in English. The other thing is, there is a difference between genuinely wanting to date somebody and carelessly having sex for the sake of having sex or earning some sort of bragging rights. So take notice of the difference here: I am not talking about those dating sites or sites dedicated to helping western guys land Chinese wives, I am talking about those sex/prostitute-finders sites.

I am not against western men dating and marrying Asian women, not at all. I am sickened and disgusted by westerners like this Chinabounder, I have to say there is a lot of them out there and I have had the honor to know quite a few.

Who said anything about American sex culture? Did any Chinese accuse the Americans of condoning this kind of behavior? Where? How? What?

From the Amazon link:

How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men (Paperback)

Better Together
Buy this book with The Complete A**hole's Guide to Handling Chicks by Dan Indante today!
Buy Together Today: $40.15

@James - Your not trying to get Americans to stop talking about themselves are you? Good luck with that!

"The other thing is you have quite a lot (maybe I met too many losers) of westerners bragging about how easy to have sex with Chinese/Korean/Japanese girls."---Pfeffer

Yet again your backwards wisdom ceases to surprise me.

Why are you blaming these western dudes when its the regional ladies who can't keep their legs closed. Unless, the dude isn't into "laying pipe" in that type (read 'gender') of an entrance then he will jump at the opportunity. If the female participant with the cavity wear said conduit will be ran through grants the proper permit then start digging and play ball.


Are you really a sgt with the US Army? No wonder why your army is so messed up.

Now, report me to whoever you want (the Pentagon included).

Grow up.


While I certainly agree with your sentiment towards people like Chinabounder, I do hope you share you disgust for the many many Chinese men who are just as callous and blase about the many girls they sleep with.

And I also hope you save a decent share of that disgust for the traditional practices of marriage that lead to these women being lonely and in some cases completely ignored.

So I guess what I am saying is there is blame to go all around. The only difference is Chinabounder is just enough of a fool to want to advertise his absolutely unremarkable conquests.

Congratulations, Jeremy. You guessed right.

The Guardian on ChinaBounder.

Dear Mr. Marriott:
Congratulations on your sexploits.
Could you comment on the choice of title for your book as well as the timing with regard to date of publishing.
I'm particularly interested in hearing if "Fault Lines" was somehow meant to coincide with the aftermath of the May 12 Wenchuan earthquake.
Were you aware of China's 3 day mourning period (May 19-21) on the day your book was published in Japan? (As a reader of Danwei, you likely saw the relevant articles about it here!)

Perhaps you will be a tad more considerate with the title of a sequel, if that's what you happen to be working on now. May I suggest a more amusing title that won't offend victims of natural disasters? How about "Caucasian Copulation With The Asian Population" ?

50 Reasons Why China May Never Be Great by chinabounder? you gotta be f* kidding me! I mean, come on - is this guy serious? I would probably buy his "50 ways to get laid in China" rather than this one. If i want to know 50 Reasons Why China May Never Be Great, wouldn't I get a book done by prominent economist or politician?

So question for the book buyers, why would you trust a d1ckhead for his political and economic views (in buying his book) when he is only famous for his d1ck?


Sure they are just as many Chinese men out there who are callous (if that means sleeping around and shamelessly soliciting for sex), but I have yet to see anybody bragging about it or worse, making a case to prove girls from certain country/ethnic group/race are this and that. You and Bill and more than welcome to enlighten me.

but I have yet to see anybody bragging about it or worse

You don't know many Chinese guys, do you?

When you want to have a reality-based discussion, let us know. You are upset because "foreigners" are screwing "your women" -- easily and often. End of story. Sorry, but that is really the crux of it.


Also, just to pull two examples out of thin air:

Muzi Mei and Edison Chen. They must be the models of Chinese sexual discretion that you are talking about. Hilarious.

Are you a 45-year-old expat who left China in 1983? Because you sound as if you still think it is 1983 in China.

People, read my book if you got nothing better to do.

I am a Chinese with self education.
I kind of agree with the Chinabounder in his opinions.
China has no real man, these includes professors and whatnot. i don't mean man with a big dick, i mean man with real perspective of its history and the world's history, and man with moral courage.


Give me a break. I think the number of Chinese men I know is far greater than all the girls you and your fraternities have slept. Again, I have not seen any of Chinese website dedicating to soliciting sex overseas or Chinese version of this pathetic Brit having the balls to publish that kind of garbage that he churned out.

Well, I agree though that Chinese losers, foreign losers, Chinese trash, western trash, they are essentially all the same. But it seems that the western ones have at least one thing or two to teach the Chinese conterparts.


Are you kidding me? Did either Muzi Mei or Edison Chan brag about having sex with numerous foreign girls/guys and lament how foreign girls/guys are useless?

Geez, where do you think you people come from? The Land of the Puritans?


Why should people waste their hard-earned money on some expensive toilet papers? Plus they are not that soft. It might scratch your ass and cause injuries. I prefer my "Charm" to yours. Thanks but no thanks.

Did either Muzi Mei or Edison Chan brag about having sex with numerous foreign girls/guys

That perfectly sums up my point: you are just upset that foreigners are having sex with Chinese girls. Who the fuck cares? I invite you to the US to lay as many American girls as you possibly can. Start a blog and brag about it. No one with a real life would care.

And by the way, Muzi Mei did brag about having sex with foreigners.


Are you playing dumb or what?

Have you read Chinabounder's Da Bian, the stuff he wrote? It is more than bragging about having sex with foreign girls/guys, it is about stereotyping. Sure nobody would care if I say American girls are sluts while American males are losers. But the Chinese are not the Americans, are they? Don't expect everyone to be behave and feel like you.


David Marriott is master of provocation and manipulation. His blog is all about racism and over-generalization if you have a chance to read it thoroughly. He admitted that he was desperate for attention and wanted his "fifteen minutes of fame".

Statements like "Christians are all bigots", "Chinese men are generally unimaginative, boring, passionless" "Chinese education sucks" only help to put oil on fire and won't solve any real problem.

I agree with the "master of provocation and manipulation" characterization of David Marriott, (no relation to Jason Marriott, scheduled speaker at Danwei's Third Plenary Session on August 1).
Chinabounder manipulated the book's title ("China's Fault Lines") and publishing date (May 21; official third day of national mourning for Wenchuan earthquake victims) to further insult the country that made him an Internet legend.
By the way, I think the funniest post in this thread is the Amazon link provided by David D.
Did you know that in 2003 David Marriott and Karl Lacroix also wrote the book "How to marry a Western Woman" for Chinese men?
This prompted me to search for other similar titles to Chinabounder's book and I found "Fault Lines in China's Economic Terrain" by Charles Wolf, but that was published in 2003.
Kodansha's Japanese page now has Chinabounder's book online, and anyone can see that the Japanese language title (中国が偉大になれない50の理由) does not include the words "Fault Lines on the Face of China"

If you don't have time to read Chinabounder's book, then here are the 50 reasons he says China won't become great as translated from Japanese to English by Google:

1・少数民族の文化を破壊する destroy the culture of ethnic minorities
2・不安定の五つの要因 five factors of instability
3・危険にさらされる子どもたち children at risk
4・不幸な大学生たち unfortunate college students
5・中国にはビル・クリントンがいない No Bill Clinton
6・ニュースを洗浄する news censorship
7・模造品 knockoff products
8・神を認めず God well-defined
9・世界最大のおもちゃの兵隊 world's largest toy soldier
10・嘘で築いた王国 Lies in building the kingdom
11・一元の格差 The gap between centralized
12・順応者たち Those who have adapted
13・伝統の破壊 Destruction of traditions
14・ガラスの子どもたち Glass children
15・労働災害 命の値段 Labor accidents price of life
16・ゴミの山と公害 garbage and pollution
17・統制される外国文化 controlled by foreign cultures
18・謝罪の戦争 war apology
19・台湾をめぐる叩頭外交 Taiwan over diplomatic genuflection
20・自殺する人々 People who commit suicide
21・ネット規制 Internet regulations
22・発明の衰退 decline of invention
23・老齢化 aging
24・なぜ海外留学したがるのか Why so many want to study abroad?
25・環境の破壊 environmental destruction
26・出稼ぎ労働者 migrant workers
27・「勝者」であるために because of their wieners
28・動物虐待 cruelty to animals
29・ブルーカラーの犯罪(粗暴犯) blue-collar crime (violent prisoners)
30・識字率は低下するばかり The literacy rate has just dropped
31・台湾──民主主義という毒薬 Taiwan's democratic poison
32・肥る中国人 Overweight Chinese people
33・進め、いざ Advancing, then retreating
34・白い犯罪 white crime
35・阿諾尓徳・史瓦辛格とはだれのこと? Who is Arnold Schwarzenegger?
36・熱い国境 hot borders
37・中国の企業ブランド China's corporate brand
38・「巨大」という意味 The meaning of "giant"
39・赤い犯罪 red crime
40・資本主義導入の共産党 introduction to the Communist Party of capitalism
41・中国的傲慢 China's arrogance
42・病気感染というテロリズム infected with the disease of terrorism
43・男性優位 male-dominated society
44・ギャンブラーたち Those who are gamblers
45・将軍たちの論理 The logic of generals
46・アフリカを搾取する Africa exploitation
47・さまざまな危機 Various crises
48・医療の荒廃 medical devastation
49・女性軽視 gender inequality
50・中国の声 China's voice

Here's how Kodansha introduces the book:
The next superpower is beset by so many bombs!

Here's the link to Kodansha's Japanese page:



It is more than bragging about having sex with foreign girls/guys, it is about stereotyping.

So now it is "stereotyping?" You need to make up your mind what it is exactly that is bothering you.

You said this before:

The difference is you have English language websites dedicating to finding girls and getting laid in China (and elsewhere) but you don't have Chinese language sites telling people where to have sex overseas.

So at that point you were upset because there are these mysterious web sites out there that are dedicated to getting laid in China. I've never heard of such a thing. Why would you need a web site for that? All you have to do is show up.

The other thing is you have quite a lot (maybe I met too many losers) of westerners bragging about how easy to have sex with Chinese/Korean/Japanese girls.

Then you were mad because "foreigners" brag about how easy it is to have sex with Asians. You aren't bothered by Chinese guys bragging about getting laid -- because that never happens! Haa.

Then you switched to "stereotyping."

I already said that Chinabounder is an idiot. The other thing I pointed out -- that you have gone on to prove for everyone, over and over -- is that the bottom line for you is that you don't like the idea of foreigners sleeping with Chinese girls. My question to you was: who the fuck cares? No one is forcing them. If two people want to have sex with each other, what business is it of yours?

Sure nobody would care if I say American girls are sluts while American males are losers.

I can see how you hate stereotyping.

Don't expect everyone to be behave and feel like you.

Yes, don't expect Chinese girls to behave and feel like you do about sleeping with foreigners. Luckily, they don't feel like you do. Just accept it.


I'm from Shanghai and I'm a Shanghainese girl; I had English teachers from USA when I was in university. I always hold appreciation for their work and efforts to help my schoolmates and me with our English ability; now most of us work for top companies or organizations or goverments. We all keep contact with our teachers in U.S.A.

Westerners living in Shanghai have different purposes; some foreign expats are management people for multinational companies; foreign expats I know in my working environment belong to this group. Some foreigners work for charity activities,they deserve Chinese' appreciations.

Surely, they are some rubbish foreigners; this Chinabounder is one of them. Well, in his blog, he only has abnormal interest in showing his PENIS,....but it is called "freedom of speech", no matter how disgusting this man is, he says what he wants to say,we just need to ignore.

Nine Lee

I've never looked at Chinabounder's blog before. Does that 阳鬼子 really have photos of his 阴茎 there? What a rubbish foreigner!
Yang Yang

Well put, Nina. Unfortunately, when the Professor who got so angry at this guy and asked everyone to track him down because he 'insulted China' made his unhappiness public, it only served to introduce the foreigner to millions of people who knew nothing about him. Funny how actions can have the opposite effect of what was intended.

Spelunker said:

Kodansha's Japanese page now has Chinabounder's book online, and anyone can see that the Japanese language title does not include the words "Fault Lines on the Face of China"

For whatever reason the Japanese translation is different, the English words of the title are on the cover of the book.

Chinabounder manipulated the book's title ("China's Fault Lines") and publishing date (May 21; official third day of national mourning for Wenchuan earthquake victims) to further insult the country that made him an Internet legend.

To suggest the publication date and title were chosen to insult China in the aftermath of the Wenchuan quake is simply absurd. Publishing dates are chosen a long time in advance of the publication of any book, as are titles.

You should worry more about how many children were killed in the sub-standard schools that collapsed in the quake.

Incidentally, apart from the statement above (‘Congratulations, Jeremy. You guessed right’) I have not left any comments on other blogs since starting to write about the book. The second comment above, saying ‘read my book’ was not left by me.

I have previously posted my thoughts about the sub-standard schools here on Danwei:

The Japanese translation is not different at all; they simply used better judgement against translating the first part of the title which included the words "fault lines" (断层 in Japanese). Most Japanese readers will ignore the English title, a fact that Kodansha is keenly aware of. They chopped the title in half and probably expected you not to notice.

The publishing date could have been changed in the days leading to May 21 after the May 12 earthquake. The three days of national mourning began on May 19, so it would have been prudent for Kodansha to at least wait until after the third day but perhaps they were "undersensitive" (opposite of oversensitive). Somebody could have formally asked them to postpone the publishing date; unfortunately that person probably should have been you.

I still say your book's title was manipulated to provoke more anger in China, unlike the case of the Singapore bakery chain "BreadTalk" which was still serving a cheesy bread called
大地震 (big earthquake) in all China branches after May 12. This particular pastry was actually named after the Taiwan earthquake of 1999, but I went to "BreadTalk" in Guangzhou on May 19 and said "我要一个大地震!”to the embarassed staff. They didn't change the name of the cheesy bread, but the next day I noticed that they initiated a campaign to sell overpriced panda shaped pastries to raise funds for Wenchuan earthquake relief.

Spelunker, if you’re so well-informed, why not write a book yourself? Inspire us by producing your own work.

Believe me, you're not the first one who's begged me to write a book. I've actually thought about it on several occasions, but having a naughty book published might compromise my true identity and upset my dear old friends at the China visa office. I'm still enjoying a luxurious life in China and don't wish to disrupt my celebrity status.

I already inspired thousands of expats with my legendary post at Lonely Planet Thorn Tree's Northeast Asia branch, which had the same aforementioned title that I suggested for your next literary masterpiece!


i've searched for your name on Lonely Planet site, but you don't come up. did you use a different name?

did a search for: caucasian copulation..., 25 pages came up (too much for me to go through)

if you have a link to your post, please paste it on here. i'd love to read that post!

Spelunker = Confucius
I just tried to find that post for you and unfortunately it is no longer available at Lonely Planet Thorn Tree. (I was a regular contributor there as "Confucius" before discovering Danwei in 2004.) Some of my old Thorn Tree posts are still maintained as "kept topics" because they are related to travel in China, but it appears this particular gem is somehow no longer in the archives. Thorn Tree underwent a major format revision last year and I believe that post probably was deleted around that time.


too bad about the deleted posts, at Thorn Tree, cause i'd love to have read them all.

did a little searching and found that you have posted a dissertation at shanghai journal, about caucasian copulation with the asian population(seems like you need a password, in order to get into shanghai journal however). if you have a direct link to to that posting, please give give it to me. i'd love to read it, thanks in advance.

It appears that Shanghai Journal is down at the moment; "account not currently available".
I assume you found the comment I left under the interview with Sophia University sociologist James Farrer. His observations are similar to mine, which is that foreign men can fulfill fantasies of cosmopolitan Chinese and Japanese women who are simply eager for the novelty of the experience. (Imagine that, exotic erotic acrobatics with no silk strings attached!) During the late '80's and through the 90's this phenomena flourished for Caucasians capable of conversing in Mandarin or Japanese (or ideally, both!). This particular era's (1988-2000) cunning linguists literally "laid" the foundation for foreigners like Chinabounder to come along and ruthlessly reap the rewards in the following decade.
Hope that sufficiently sums it up for you!

"Moreover, books published in English in Japan are unlikely to encourage much of anything on the part of Japanese people."

The book was published in Japanese, not in English. It has also become something of a best seller in Taiwan after being published there in (complex/traditional) Chinese script. Now it has been published for the first time in English:


Good luck to David Marriott and Karl Lacroix! It's about time people the world over read about what China is really like and how- and why - it is going to crash.

It is indeed selling very well here in Taiwan. Quite the hot topic.

From what i've read, it seems to be mostly a bunch of examples from the mainland's own media. Things reported openly. What is striking is that when they are all together, page after page, example after example, it becomes quite effective.

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Classic Danwei posts
+ Culture and corporate propaganda in Soho Xiaobao (2007.11): Mid-2007 issues of Soho Xiaobao (SOHO小报), illustrating the complicated identity of in-house magazines run by real estate companies.
+ Internet executives complain about excessive Net censorship (2010.03): Internet executives complain about excessive Net censorship at an officially sanctioned meeting in Shenzhen.
+ Crowd-sourced cheating on the 2010 gaokao (2010.06): A student in Sichuan seeks help with the ancient Chinese section of this year's college entrance exam -- while the test is going on!
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