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Visit Jewish Shanghai

Journalist and blogger Thomas Crampton is now posting some of his work on Danwei.

After the Olympics - obligatory meme of the day - be sure to take one of Dvir Bar-Gal’s entertaining and informative walking tours of Jewish Shanghai. You will see a side of Shanghai that most people don’t know exists and gain a greater understanding of the city’s past. Dvir is working to preserve old parts of Shanghai, something that interests too few people.

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I've sort of been interested in Jewish history in China for a while. Started about 8 years ago when I was in high school, and learned there were Jewish communities in China long ago in Kaifeng. Makes sense since there were bound to be many different groups of traders along the silk road who made China their home. Then I read more about Dr. Ho and the story of the Jews in Shanghai. Some of them went to US and if they are still around, probably can speak quite well in the Shanghainese dialect from what I read.

I don't know about his comment regarding the daughter of Dr. Ho, who said that no movie can capture it's entire story or probably waiting for a bigger budget. In a sense, there's really no movie that can really capture the entire story, not even a documentary. It can try to, but it won't be able to disclose to possibly 50% of all the facts. So, we'll see.

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