Travel to the Philippines discouraged

Metro Times, August 26, 2010

Kunming's Metro Times has a mix of local and national news on the front page:

  • Free measles immunization: In mid-September, 3.6 million children in Yunnan between the ages of 8 months and 6 years can receive free measles immunization as part of an effort to eradicate the disease by 2012.
  • Heilongjiang air crash follow-up: There are 42 victims and 54 survivors of the crash, which occurred at the Yichun airport on August 24. The investigation continues: the black box has been found, and the pilot is currently being treated. Insurance payments are estimated at 14.87 million RMB. Henan Airlines president Li Qiang has been dismissed.
  • "Black classrooms" in Liujia: Unauthorized lessons are being held for classes of more than 40 students who cram into rooms no larger than 10 square meters each.
  • Shuanfeng police officer Hui Jun dies while on duty: The cop was struck by a car as he was attempting to deal with a downed power line.

Inside is a follow-up report on the Manila bus hostage killings, and in today's travel supplement, the paper takes a principled stand on the issue of Philippines tourism:

The travel supplement

The top headline announces a Foreign Ministry warning to travelers to the Philippines. Below that is the paper's own announcement:

Enjoyment Weekly Notice
Suspension of Philippines Tourism Info

A bus hijacking in the Philippines that left eight Hong Kong tourists dead and two severely wounded. After the incident, the Hong Kong authorities issued a black alert for travel to the Philippines and canceled all tour groups. On the mainland, Shenzhen and Hunan have suspended group tours to the Philippines, and many tour agencies in Yunnan have also suspended their routes in that country.

According to the principles of providing responsible information and not misguiding readers, this newspaper has also temporarily stopped providing information about tourism in the Philippines.

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Comments on Travel to the Philippines discouraged

well if that is not an overreaction, I don't know what is. Would it not make more sense to issue a travel bad against Henan airlines? Crazy cop hijacks a bus or airplane splits in two on landing - I know which one I would choose in a raffle.

Yeh, the Philippines is clearly rife with mentally unstable cops out to exact revenge on any unfortunate Chinese tourists they come across.

it's quite unfair of them to's not good to point fingers unless one's own reputation is untarnished which is clearly not --- domestic helpers getting abused, discrimination, fetus-eating, etc....tsk tsk

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