A permit to drive a mule cart

Want to ride your mule cart in Nanjing? In 1954, you needed one of these:

License to clip-clop

Nanjing People's Government Public Security Bureau
Vehicle Driving License



The back of the document contains some notes on basic driving regulations, not specifically related to carts hauled by draught animals:


1. Any vehicle driving in this city must have a license and a numbered plate before driving in the urban area.

2. This license must be carried in the vehicle, and at inspection times, it is forbidden to refuse. If damaged or lost, apply for a replacement immediately.

3. This license may not be altered or faked, and must agree with the plate number.

4. When vehicles are sold, or if any changes are made to the registration, apply for a change of license with the issuing authorities immediately.

5. All traffic laws must be followed, police instructions must be obeyed, lights must be lit for nighttime driving. All rules in the "Vehicle Management Regulations" must be followed.

6. Violations of these notes will be punished accordingly.

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