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Chinese journalist Anti was the most vocal blogger writing against the recent shenanigans at The Beijing News. His uncompromising tone freaked out the spineless content monitors at MSN Spaces, where his blog was hosted. So they deleted the entire blog.

Rebecca MacKinnon has written a review of the whole case: Microsoft takes down Chinese blogger.

In the meantime, Anti has set up his blog again at Blog City, which is blocked in China, but the RSS feed for the site works just fine. In China you can also see the mirror site put up by ESWN. You can subscribe to an email version by writing to He will continue his series of translations to English of Chinese intellectuals' writings at

Anti's first post on the new blog curses Microsoft and people who help to censor and filter the Internet in China, but also notes that new Internet technologies are giving hope and inspiration people like him who have "lost their voices". He ends off the piece thusly:

"The winter night is long: we must prepare for a Long March. We are not going to win in 2006, but we're going to be stronger."

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