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The cult of a Super Girl

I believe in Brother Chun

Super Girl Li Yuchun is at the center of a peculiar online meme perpetuated by a vocal group of fans.

The singer, whose androgynous style was the focus of countless mainstream media features on the behavior and attitudes of today's youth, has long been the butt of jokes that say she's really a man or that she's had a sex change (and other, cruder remarks that seem less lighthearted mockery of a public figure than undisguised misogyny).

The cross-dressing idea has been captured in a catchphrase, "Brother Chun is All Man, A Real Iron-man" (春哥纯爷们,铁血真汉子), and included in Photoshopped images that feature Li's head atop the body of Bruce Lee, a male bodybuilder, an alpaca, and so forth. The meme even rated an entry in the list of ten mythical creatures that exploded online early in the year.

In the meme's latest development, Li Yuchun has become a messiah figure. "Believe in Brother Chun for eternal life" (信春哥得永生) the saying goes, repeated in forums and 'shopped into pictures lifted from Chinese religious websites like Gospel China.

Believe in Brother Chun for eternal life
Brother Chun is all man
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Comments on The cult of a Super Girl

Good one.

Perpetuated by a vocal group of fans or anti-fans?

They're nicely photoshopped, though.

Come-on danwei, let's all get on this thread and talk crap about her/him/it whatever. We must lure all her/him/it's cultists here so we can trap (HAHA, TRAP) and finish em once and for all!!!

These images were made by her anti-fans. She is the most popular star nowadays in China, so she became the target. I personally think attacking someone's gender is lowbrow. It shows that many Chinese people are still narrow-minded.

First of all, Li Yuchun is NOT the most popular in China.
And we 're not really attacking her because of her gender. She won that bloody song contest because she had a group of rabid fans who were too keen to force their opinions on everyone. It was absolutely disgusting during the time of the competition. She is not good at singing, nor at dancing. Just search for her cover of the Cranberries' "Zombie". I was on the verge of suicide after watching it. So in the end a lot of people were sickened by her, so they started making fun of her, thus the cult of Brother Chun is born. The cult doesn't really have anything to do with her now, really.

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