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Blogspot returns

Blocked for three years, Google's Blogspot hosting service is now accessible to mainland users. And Google Cache is operational again as well.

Filtering still seems to be taking place on a keyword level (cached copies of certain documents will load only partway before cutting off). And from comments around the net, it appears that these sites are still being blocked by certain ISPs. In Beijing, Blogspot and Google Cache are accessible through Beijing Netcom; Beijing Telecom probably not. Elsewhere is anybody's guess.

IT luminary Keso writes:

...and looking at the fact that Google is listed on CERNET's free address list, you can see that Google is moving into closer cooperation with the Chinese government.

Google's growth in China has always been influenced by non-commercial elements, and these influences have become the greatest impediment to Google's further expansion. Average users always blame Google itself for difficulties they run into accessing Google's site. If Google wants to expand its playing field in China, it must maintain a cooperative relationship with the Chinese government. As for "Chinese culture" elements, I don't think they present a real problem.

Since this news is currently circulating among the a-level bloggers, we feel that publishing it here on Danwei is unlikely to jinx it. Don't blame us if you still can't reach the cache.

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