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Chinglish still alive and well in Beijing

Despite the recent efforts to clean up English signs in Beijing, it seems that fans of Chinglish can relax: there's still plenty of it around. For example, this sign was photographed by Paul French in a hotel room near Jianguomen.


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as a full-grown man, i'm ashamed to say that i've no idea what need i have or should have for the above-advertised spray.

I needed some of that spray earlier today, as I encountered a dirty little cunt who cut me off in traffic.

Didn't know there was an efficacious spray for those situations! Thanks Danwei!

I'd also be interested in the condom shaking service, but I'd need to be inside the condom at the time...

While reading the first items on the list, I was thinking "it's a bit awkward but not that bad."

Then I got to the bottom. Wow.

Yeah, I do have to admit, who doesn't need a shake condom from time to time.
Also: hey everyone, I'm new to this blog, a Sinology student from Belgium :)

I knew it man. Chinese people know how to party...

This is a original too-:) Thanks for sharing. It deserves to be put in a collection of Chinglish artifacts.

...and to think all this time, I have been having my cunt cleaning spray shipped from Tanzania...who knew it was available in Beijing.

Hahaha, very funny :) CCS? Gotta get me some of that!

Do not under any circumstances have girl friend translate above picture; result slap in back of head.

Nice! But which items were actually charged to Paul's room? I think we should be told...

It reminds me of a seafood restaurant I used to go to, in Silvermine Bay in Hong Kong, where a speciality of the house was "fried crap". A misprint perhaps, but still not very appealing.

I would think all of the above for a wild time...


I did in fact order the spray but it was sadly very disappointing - not a spray at all but basically a packet of wet wipes like you get in restaurants sometimes, those pre-moistened tissues that smell faintly of alcohol. They again failed to live up to my expectations by having bland packaging.

I threw in my case, forgot about them, went home. A couple of days of later I was at the park with wife and son. He got a bit dirty playing football and so wife pulled out of her bag said wet wipe tissues and cleaned his dirty little mouth up with them much to my amusement. She didn't find the joke very funny even though at times of exasperation she has been known to call him a little cunt.

I wonder what the magic towel does. possibly if you shake it, it will turn into a girl to use the "shake condom" and "cunt cleaning spray" with. Sounds like a bargain for 10 yuan

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