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"Killer" club in Beijing

Fight Club ain't got nothin' on this.

A Legal Mirror intern reports about a "Killer" club that has been in operation in Beijing for about half a year. The club, which has 17 rooms capable of holding 12 to 16 people each, exists solely to provide a venue for the 6000-plus members to play the game "Killer" from 6 to 8 every evening.

"Killer" (similar to the game known as "Mafia") basically involves players sitting around a table arguing over which one of them is the killer, with each person trying to prove their innocence to the group. It's fun, but not exactly something you'd imaging there being a club for.

The intern, who was granted entrance into the inner sanctum, was told that the nearly 100 parking spots were full every day. Music gets piped into the rooms to signal when the rounds change, and referees (all of whom are women) make sure things proceed in an organized fashion. The club also offers training for prospective players who aren't yet up to international assassin levels.

We'd really like to believe that this club exists. It's too bad, then, that the article names no names, provides no address, and quotes no price.

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