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Sexuality in China: Let's Get It On!

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According to an article published in the print edition of today's Legal Mirror, a recent series of official surveys performed on a sample of unmarried people in Beijing and Shanghai revealed that a large portion of them have had premarital sex: 45,5% in Beijing and 69,3% in Shanghai.

The survey also shows that out of a sample of 101 unmarried women from Beijing, 50% of them don't care about virginity, and 11% of them praise sexual freedom. The survey also shows that the reason for these interviewees to have sex for the first time was:

- A sudden impulse (30%);
- A manifestation of love (30%);
- Because they will get married to the partner anyway (21%);
- Out of curiosity (12%).

According to the survey, 84% of Beijing youngsters are ignorant about sex and contraceptive methods.

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Comments on Sexuality in China: Let's Get It On!

I'm sensitive to things with Chinese characteristics and so forth, but the formula: Sexual Revolution + No Sex Education - Birth control = ?

a) a quintupling of the STD/HIV rates
b) an insane number of abortions (no, insane, by anyone's standards)
c) a more harmonious society
d) abortions for some, little American flags for others
e) all of the above


I'm sure with China's history of communist oppression, it will take a few years for them to catch up to the sexual revolution.

Is Sex techniques Blog's comment spam?

Sex Techniques' comment is probably not spam. But for sure it's rubbish.

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