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Super Girls oral sex condoms and penis biters

Oral sex: a little like
Super Girls?

Remember Mu Zimei condoms? Bill Clinton condoms? Eventually it had to happen to Super Girls. This news is from the Beijing Times:

Yesterday at the Third Family Planning and Reproductive Health Technology Exhibition in Beijing's Agricultural Center, "condoms named 'Super Girls' (超级女声) and 'Female Music Troupe' (女子乐坊) aroused great interest".

According to the Beijing Times, the companies that own Super Voice Girls (the televised singing contest) and 12 Girls Group (a group of young Chinese women who play traditional instruments) "have expressed that they cannot accept such usage".

The condoms, produced by Guilin Latex Factory, are especially designed for oral sex. Factory director Tao Ran said that oral sex condoms are one of their newest products. Apparently the condoms are not yet available on the market.

Mr Tao went on to explain the reason behind the names: the images of a Super Girls contestant singing into the microphone and a female musician playing the flute are "highly reminiscent of the act that this condom is intended for."

Another new product introduced by the enthusiastic Mr Tao was a condom specially for homosexuals, named 'Comrade' (同志 — Chinese slang for gay). Other news from the Third Family Planning and Reproductive Health Technology Exhibition: sex toys are selling very well, with most purchases being made by women.

Super Biting Boy

In unrelated news, Chongqing Times reports from Sichuan that a teenage boy lured a 5 year old boy back to his room by promising to give him a Super Girls sticker.

The older boy then bit the younger boy's penis so hard that blood gushed out. The language of the report is a little vague on certain details, but its seems that it was nearly bitten off completely.

Apparently, doctors managed to save the penis, but could not say whether its function would be affected in the boy's later life.

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