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The Daily Telegraph: Danwei is "nerdy"

Richard Spencer, The Daily Telegraph's Beijing correspodent pays Danwei a back-handed compliment on his blog:
[ is] a bit nerdy, designed by people working in media and advertising in Beijing mainly for, er, people working in media and advertising in Beijing. But it's great that there is someone else to watch Chinese TV for me, so I don't have to.

Er, thanks.

Danwei is mentioned on Spencer's blog in a post about Red Ken — Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London — and Rupert Murdoch. During his China visit last week, Livingstone found the time to castigate Rupert Murdoch after a Sky journalist questioned His Grooviness the Mayor's statements about Tiananmen and Trafalgar squares.

UPDATE: Spencer's blog now has a new design, and a new easy-to-remember URL:

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Comments on The Daily Telegraph: Danwei is "nerdy"

Nerdy? Danwei? I would have never guessed.

Rest assured you are in good --by which I mean "nerdy"-- company.

how can Danwei be nerdy!? Jeremy is so "shuai4" in his construction hat!


At ChinesePod, we Danwei religiously, including the nerdy bits. In general, however, we prefer the sexy bits. (Every time you say "skin hua" we laugh heartily.) Your videos are also unique, and cheeky. This too strikes a chord with us.
(These are front-handed compliments.)

Nerdy is incorrect.

"Geek Casual" is what RS meant.

Both the Daily Telegraph and New York Times should send these "nerds" a big check for all the reportage Danwei has done for the Western Lame Stream Media. Does MSM even pay researchers anymore, or do they just check their latest Danwei RSS feeds?

(If only the MSM Ouroborous could finish eating its own tail, and finally put a stop to the ridiculously wasteful act of printing millions of copies of the same day-old news on dead trees.)

This is Johnny Wang: Action Blogger! You'll be hearing more from me, and it's not going to be pretty.

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