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Wife swapping in southern China
Not your daddy's tea party
From Asian Sex Gazette:
It began somewhat awkwardly. Cold weather and plumbing problems had the pool and hot tub out of commission and the swingers, dressed mostly as if they'd just arrived from their various government bureaus, banks or accounting firms, chatted, drank wine and soft drinks, and eyed one another as a large-screen TV played a seemingly endless European porno disc with the volume off. Then Leo arrived, wife (Mei-Mei) and mistress (Chu-Chu) in tow and toting what looked like a carton of condoms.

A brief cheer and flurry of greetings followed.

"He's the king!" quipped a Chinese man, who'd come as a single. "I don't have a girlfriend and wouldn't have one who would come to one of these, but I like the sex too much. Like a thirsty man likes water."

Leo was the acknowledged head of a Shenzhen-based swingers' group and something of a legend, not necessarily for his sexual prowess but more for an income that allowed him to flaunt a wife and mistress, a BMW, and his skills in organizing other get-togethers.

Read the whole thing here.

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Comments on Wife swapping in southern China

Can we expect a Danwei TV report on this then?

Only if the construction hat stays on. Safety first.

Pitty that 70% percent of the reports on ASG are pure fiction, while the remaning 30% are ripped off other sites.

This was originally posted on the author's blog Shenzhen Zen:

I'm with Kagemusha on ASG. There's at least one recent HK Standard article that I'm pretty sure has been ripped off - I know the author - and they're saying it's their copyright at the bottom!?

does anyone inside asia actually believe ASG?

The ASG editor works in Thailand and Hong Kong and has for many years. He also works for a mainstream Asia-based news group.
And as the guy who wrote the story in question, I'm sorry to disappoint you but it's legit and occurred as chronicled. The ASG editor doesn't want or accept fiction.
As for the charge that ASG "rips off" other pubs, he is also careful to credit other publications from which the reprinted maaterial is taken.
In this case, it was published in ASG first and will be in The Standard this weekend. I also posted it on my blog, but I do that with other stuff I've written that I think some people might be interested in.

Re: ripping off - I wasn't talking about Justin's swingers article. There's another one, My Month as a Poor Man's Geisha, reproduced in full without the author's knowledge and on top of that it claims ASG's copyright

Thanks Justin... To the nay-sayers and malcontents, all I can say is to reinforce what Justin has already said.

Asian Sex Gazette is a quality news daily using a combination of freelance/original content (such as Justin's) and wire/syndicated articles from out partners. Sometimes on a 'content swap basis' and sometimes for a fee.

For those of you who are unaware of how the news business works, the next time you are reading a newspaper (yeah a paper one) notice how many articles have a "Reuters" or "AP" tag at the end of them.

Our only goal is to inform our readership of a subject that is woefully unrepresented in mainstream media - sex in Asia.

As for our journalistic integrity we challenge anyone to find an article on our site that is fake or otherwise tainted.

In the rare situation where we have been spoofed, hoaxed or lead astray (like any media outlet is subject to) we have printed retractions, and apologized to our readership.

To write us off because we are 'Asian Sex Gazette' or report on matters of sex, is simply surrender to conservative ideology that forbids and degrades the open discussion - and reporting - on matters of human sexuality.

Best regards to all.

William Sparrow
Editor in Chief
Asian Sex Gazette


we would like to enjoy new sex life.

Before you get hooked, read the novel SWAP by Sam Moffie on trading wives.

"Asian Sex Gazette is a quality news daily" ...

Not exactly. When one sees articles from the Christian Broadcasting Network it becomes really really difficult to take anything seriously on this site. In fact, most of the content is written from the supercilious lao wai viewpoint, poorly camouflaged as enlightened discussion of "human sexuality."

I'd very much disagree with the "quality" adjective here ... the writing is poor, the 'facts' are often untruthful, the logic is less than logical and editorial remarks pollute most of what claims to be reporting. If we weren't space-constrained I'd take apart a few terrible articles from that site, line-by-line. The journalism is very poor.

Mostly, Asia Sex gazette is a hypocritical Victorian look at sex: revelling in the naughtiness while tsk-tsk-ing at those lesser asian sex-monkeys. It's a pretty disgusting place, actually.

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