Gay chat show on Phoenix Online

Phoenix TV will begin broadcasting a matchmaking program on its website beginning in April. The program, based in Beijing, will be aimed at homosexuals on the Chinese mainland, and will reportedly feature an openly gay host.

Here are two translations of news reports on the program, contributed to Danwei by Bartek Turczynski, the author of the Polish blog Sinodrom: Chiny:

Gay-themed program to be broadcast on Phoenix TV

China's first program focusing on homosexuals, "Same-Sex Get-Together" (同性相连), is going to be broadcast on the Character Reading (性情解码) channel on Phoenix TV's website. Reportedly, the program is going to hire an openly gay presenter and will be broadcast live at 3 PM each Thursday starting from the 5th of April. For the next 12 weeks, it will continuously pay attention to topics from the gay community. At the moment the program crew is recruiting a gay host, as well as running screen tests for homosexuals seeking friends and willing to publicly issue such messages.

The gay community on the mainland has long been in a state of "non-mainstream" existence. Although homosexuality hasn't been treated with particular discrimination by the society, the long-standing notion of homosexuality among Chinese sees it as a private matter, one that cannot be revealed at home or in the workplace. Chinese media rarely turn a positive eye toward this group, but according to the latest web survey by Hong Kong's Phoenix TV website, 83% of respondents express understanding towards or identification with the gay community, out of which 16.8% have come into contact with homosexuals or have had gay friends. Only 5.2% of those surveyed think that "homosexuality is an abnormal state." The data gathered in this survey illustrates that the Chinese society's contact with the gay community is fairly normal, but on the mainland, only a minority of media outlets like Phoenix TV have interviewed homosexual individuals.

The program's producer revealed that news about the second season of Character Reading - "Same-sex Get-together" - is already circulating in the gay community, and gay media and other organizations including Don't Cry, Friend, Light Blue Net, Boy Sky, Guangzhou Tongzhi, Aibai (GayChineseNet), and Hivolunt are currently arranging further cooperation with the program team, striving to improve public communication and the spreading of gay culture. The program will be simulcast live on Phoenix Broadband, Sina Broadband, QQ Live Broadcast, Mop Hodgepodge, PPStream, PPLive and other p2p live broadcast platforms, and then will be retransmitted by Phoenix Broadband again at 9 PM the same day. The most interesting parts with additional behind the scenes clips will run on seven major video sharing sites the next day. According to statistics for Character Reading's first season of the pajama broadcast "Shanshan Shows Up to Host" (姗姗来持), each episode received more than 13 million hits.

Each hour of "Same-Sex Get-Together" will be divided into two segments: the first half-hour a topical discussion, while in the second, a "friend-seeking star" selected by a gay personals website will choose a companion on the spot. The Phoenix TV website provide a live broadcast of the entire partner selection process by remote access.

Broadcasting the whole story of homosexuals seeking friends

Everyone longs for love. The love among homosexuals also deserves everyone's blessing and respect. But because of pressure and sealing off, as well as uncertainties towards homosexual relations, many gays give up on making friends, give up on seeking true love. "Character Reading" believes that although romantic love can have its ups and downs even among men and women, if there's love among homosexuals, it is all the more to be cherished. Making friends is the beginning of a positive mental state, the first step towards walking out into the daylight. Let us have the hearty laughter of friends fill our lives.


Q: What sort of personals and offers will be accepted in the "Same-sex Get-together" friend-seeking activities?
A: We welcome "intimate friends," "loving partners," "exchange and cooperation," and "interests and hobbies." We'll refuse "lovers," "sex partners," and "one-night stands."

Q: Do we need to appear on the camera to search for friends? Must we admit we're gay ourselves?
A: You need to appear on camera, and need to state clearly your sexual orientation. Not only that, but we will come to a further understanding a whole series of issues including sexual character, your emotions and thoughts, your concept of family, the state of your health, and any personal hobbies. You can check out other programs of this kind for men and women, and more or less they all inquire about these issues. We hope that homosexual match-making can be as common as that for heterosexuals, and will similarly give expression to one's needs and desires.

Q: I'm not in Beijing, can I still take part?
A: The program is going to be broadcast live each Thursday from Beijing, so if you become a matchmaking star, you should consider this issue. We hope that time and energy will let you arrange a one-time sunny friend-making trip to Beijing.

Q: I'm not sure if I'm homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual, but I simply want to make a gay friend, can I?
A: Yes, you can participate. You can befriend some homosexual friends, but if your own sexual awareness isn't too clear, we suggest you first talk things over with a psychologist or your family and friends, and that you do not make gay friends rashly.

Q: I'm going to have a heterosexual marriage later, can I take part in the gay matchmaking program?
A: Yes, you can, but you need to make things clear about your situation. We hope that any actions you take will be taken responsibly.

Q: I want to find a heterosexual "fake marriage", can I spread that message on the program?
A: Fake marriages are actually law-approved marriages. I think this is an interesting topic: if homosexuals need "fake marriages", what sort of problems might they face? You can put that out on the program, and I hope that the debate and thoughts it triggers will help you.

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Comments on Gay chat show on Phoenix Online

a nice piece!
a couple of months ago, shanghai's dragon tv had interviewed a lawyer at his mid-20 who identified himself publicly in-front-of the camera that he is gay.
this interview was recognized locally as the first ever broadcast of a gay individual in shanghai.
the program was presented not actually as an 'interview' so to speak since there was no interviewer.
it was shown by putting various interviewee's speak-to-the-camera shots plus v.o. by a narrator which last for about 20 min
i didnt check if you have posted that here before.

so, at first, i should admit i am a homosexual, just a gay, a lovely boy, 22 years old.

my attitude to those homosexual friend-making program is positive,at least, as the essay tell us,is the first step to make our gays to walk into the daylight

i have several gay friends,and we all acquaint ourselves with each other by surfing the internet,especially by chatting through qq, and i also have some experiences of making love with at least 4 men ,aged less than 23, so i do not feel depressing as the normal gays feel....i feel proud of being a homosexual and , i should stress, i am a pure gay, not a bisexual , even not a heterosexual

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