"It's for you"

This cute Coke ad's been out for almost a month now, but since I still haven't gotten tired of it, I thought I'd share it with the folks out there who aren't blessed with the wonders of Chinese TV. Through the magic of YouTube, then, here is "Ringtone":

This is another in a series of Coke ads starring Wilbur Pan (潘玮柏) and Angela Chang (张韶涵). Here's an earlier spot, which, much like the S.H.E. World of Warcraft ads (endings 1, 2, 3), features Coke-stealing hijinks in a virtual environment.

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Comments on "It's for you"

first 10 seconds were amusing first time around. the remainder of the ad then got a bit annoying. this feeling has been intensified by the several hudred times I have seen it on tv.

still, anything, and I mean anything would beat S.H.E. If I drank coke, i would boycott it in response to the antics of these three female half wits

Sweet little ad. Mike... feel free to tell us more about S.H.E's "antics".

dror - you've seen the ads haven't you? if not watch them. it's that easy

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