Danwei TV outperforms Budweiser TV

In an article titled Traffic Plummets at Struggling Bud.TV, Advertising Age gives some figures for American beer giant Budweiser's online video channel's statistics are indeed underwhelming:

Bud.TV drew 152,000 unique visitors last month, 40% fewer than February's 253,000 visitors, according to numbers released today by ComScore Media Metrix...

...One hopeful exception is the network's post-apocalyptic drama serial "Afterworld," an episode of which did grab more than 143,000 YouTube views. The series "Replaced by a Chimp" has been less successful -- a recent episode showing a chimp doing an advertising executive's job drew only 384 views.

Let's compare that to Danwei's figures:

In March, drew 259,663 unique visitors while in February there were 258,410, both more than's all time high numbers for February.'s most popular program is Searching for Double Happiness which has got 272,092 views on Youtube, and 565,014 views on Chinese video sharing website

Our interview with Mu Zimei has got 277,214 views on Youtube, and has been so widely pirated on various Chinese video sharing websites that it has probably been viewed well over a million times.

According to the Advertising Age article, is "is costing the brewer somewhere between $30 million and $40 million".

So the question is, who the hell are they paying for such lousy results?

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Comments on Danwei TV outperforms Budweiser TV

Has considered doing a "Sex in the City" satire? I know that show went off the air years ago, but I hear they are popular. Plus they write themselves. Can't miss, really.


Wow that's some awesome stats.

I forget sometimes that a lot of people visit this site. People just don't post often (people have lives I know). I think the reason is no forum/bbs thingy so you don't see a million topics on how many times you fart per day etc... It's a good thing...I don't think I want to know all the personal details on some of these danwei visitors...You positively do not want to know about my shenanigans, trust me.

just a guess Jay but are you by any chance Canadian?


I rather kidnap da queen brah.

I kid, sorry.

What makes you think I'm Canadian?

Way to go, our Danwei!

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