Gay Internet talk show

A new video podcast claiming to be China's first gay online talk show launched last night. Called Tongzhi Yi Fanren 同志亦凡人 which is the common translation for TV series Queer As folk, the show is hosted by Steven and Xiaogang, with Helen Feng.

The first episode also features man on the street interviews conducted by a foreigner who asks various people in Ritan Park what they think of homosexuality.

You can watch the show on their blog: QAFBeijing, on Tudou, and on other video websites linked from the blog.

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Comments on Gay Internet talk show

I thought 同性相连 was supposed to be the first gay talk show?


Quite funny - will every Chinese gay show be called "China's first"?
Anyway - 同性相连 seems to be the first to call itself the first...

When are the comrades going to reclaim the term "同志"?

I watched 同志亦凡人 on Tudou, and it sucks. As a gay myself I can't get to know what they exactly want to tell the audiences. What's worse, they talked like a swarm of bees while there was no subtitle.

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