House of Flying Bananas

A group of American students of Chinese has produced a spoof kung fu film and posted it to Youtube. Apparently shot in Vermont, the film is titled House of Flying Bananas. The dialogue is in laowai-inflected Mandarin, with English subtitles.

It's a fun piece of silliness, which you can watch below or on Youtube.

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Comments on House of Flying Bananas


Ha, funny clip. I don't think I've ever seen so many "greengoes" speak Chinese at the same time before.
P.S. a few subtitles towards the end don't quite match the dialogue, but it's understandable.

George -- um, I think that was part of the joke.

If I didn't have enough motivation to study Chinese already, this would so seal the deal for me. And where can I learn those moves?

Those students are from Middlebury College's summer Chinese school.

Those sweet slo-mo moves and banana action kicks aren't available to just any mild-mannered monk in a blue blanket. Years of practice, little grasshopper, years of practice. Plus some ancient green tea and quick video editing.

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