Youtube propaganda war

Is it the world's first international user generated propaganda war?

Perhaps: the recent events in Tîbet have provoked some strong reactions on the Internet, particularly on Youtube where adherents of both sides of the debate are fighting it out for top search rankings on the term 'Tîbet' and 'China'.

Currently, the top video for both search terms is is Tîbet was, is and always will be a part of China, but there's a response to it called Tîbet is not, was not, will never be a part of China.

Then there's a clip from an Israeli TV station about an anti-China demonstration in Tel Aviv, which someone has responded to by uploading Fréé Tîbet! & Your proud affiliations!, a clip from a National Geographic documentary about Himmler's sending of envoys to Tibet in 1939. The clip includes a still photo of the envoys together with some Tîbetans, smiling underneath a wall adorned with a Nazi swastika flag.

The video posted earlier on Danwei, Riot in Tibet: True face of western media, has been copied to dozens of Youtube user accounts.

Although there are many clips from Western and Japanese TV news programs on Youtube, as far as the user generated propaganda wars, it seems the pro-China side is winning. At least when it comes to quantity.

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I don't know if Tibet was part of China, but it IS certainly part of China.

I'd much prefer a user generated war to any real one which lets face it governments from all round the world have manipulated for their own gain.

I see this era as A secret diary of the growing pains of the Internet aged 13 3/4

Its a fascinating time.

here in Shenzhen, using China Telecom's broadband service, access to those videos seems to be actively blocked.(browser loads the page half-way and ends in "connection reset".)

I respect the infamous behavior of CNN and the New York Times, for American people have the rights to lie.

Pro-China YouTube clips delete most comments from the opposition side. It's very much like communist media purging and control.

Yeah, China Telecom has the same idea here in Nanjing, although it took them a couple of minutes to figure out what I was up to. On the plus side, I spent a most enjoyable half-hour this afternoon watching early Roxy Music videos from the 70's.

Poor Richard over at Peking Duck can't seem to get out from under the Nanny's skirt either.

The widely misuse of the ugly SimSun font for western glyphs in pro-China side undermines the common value of aesthetics. Helvetica and its derivatives usually looks more suitable and decent on youtube.

So many nationalistic (young) chinese are pushing the chinese agenda on Tibet. It is amazing to see.There seems to be no balance fro mthe chinese side. The west has it's detractors also, but there is some acceptance of problems caused by their countries at least.

“So many nationalistic (young) chinese are pushing the chinese agenda on Tibet.”

Yeah. I feel the same way.

I am heartened and humbled by the patriotic passion of today’s young Chinese. They have been unfairly stereotyped as being self-centered and egoistic. Watching those八九点钟的太阳rallying around the Chinese flag and fervently defending their country makes me one tearfully proud Chinese SOB.

We can ditch the Olympics. We can let the wackos who have a big bitch with China go screw themselves. Big deal. We can even bid Tibetans good luck and let them go their own ways (my personal opinion). I don’t have a problem with any of these. Chinese bonding with Chinese and sticking together is what matters to me.

This Olympics thing is a good thing, with all the fuss. It sets a stage for the jerks, freaks, weirdos and creeps of the world to display themselves in front of the Chinese so we can examine their true color. At the same time, it sets the stage for the Chinese to display and appreciate how much they all cherish their common identity. At the end of the day each of us realizes that I am not the only one who cares about being Chinese. All the other Chinese care just as much as I do. This is a wonderful feeling. Then we can participate in the same project of making China better and better. Then we can proceed to care more and for each other individually. Then maybe one day we can even care more about folks who are not Chinese, and show more tolerance to freaks and creeps.

" day we can even care more about folks who are not Chinese, and show more tolerance to freaks and creeps"

Those are some of the reasons why I'm scared of seeing the future of this world, from neo-liberalism centered, to another cold-war mode freak population (this time though "Nadia Comăneci" runs)

According to Big Brother aka USA, Tibet is part of China. If you still dont believe this, then download and view "The Battle Of China" from


"it seems the pro-China side is winning. At least when it comes to quantity."

I sense a bit of a bias in the above statement! Actually the most viewed clips on youtube like: "Tibet was, is and always will be part of China" and "Tibet Riot: The true face of Western Media" are both pro-China videos!

Jerry Huang:

Yes, that is exactly what I said:

When it comes to quantity, i.e. numbers, the pro-China side is winning.


I am a 2nd generation local-born Chinese who love my ancestor's motherland over my own country. S E Asian Chinese are extremely incensed by this deliberate Western bias & we are going to organise a support-China platform to bash the West. Keep up the good work! Tell me how can we link up for this project.

[ For example, the Free Tibet Campaign in London (of which I am a former director) and other groups have long claimed that 1.2 million Tibetans have been killed by the Chinese since they invaded in 1950. However, after scouring the archives in Dharamsala while researching my book on Tibet, I found that there was no evidence to support that figure.”

Here is the link to the article on NYTimes.

Reply to hope:

Dharamsala's so-called "exiled Government" is not a reliable source. Their false information had made western media so embarassed. How can these western media convince public their ludicrous wrong-doing owing to their carelessness,stupidity.

Proud Chinese Malaysian,

Good morning Kuala Lumpur.

Don’t pay attention to those sickos. They don’t need a refutation; they need a cure, as I have pointed out repeatedly. They cannot secure real psychotherapy so they have to use putting down other people as a substitute. Let them self medicate. It is heart-warming to see Huaren all over the world leading productive and self-respecting lives, and China getting better and better; that’s all that matters. Last semester I had the opportunity to talk with some ethnic Chinese undergrads from Malaysia. They were all polite, appropriate, well educated and positive. They all speak and write perfect Mandarin and have a strong Huaren identity, which was a delightful surprise. American undergrads make me feel equally flattered when they pay me some attention, but those Malaysian Huaren students touched a special place in my heart. I felt like being surrounded by八九点钟的太阳 and basked in their warm rays。Without the sickos bitching about China, how can I get connected with Huaren from Malaysia and beyond in a common cause? The feeling of a sunflower basking in glorious daylight is intoxicating; it makes me mellow. We don’t have to thank those sickos for bringing us together, but their existence does serve a purpose. Without the Olympics, how would China attract this kind of negative attention? The Olympics do serve a purpose too.


Now i have known that what western democracy is,their democracy is to disagree what they hate and support what they like. Anti-CNN!!!!!!!!please out of china

is all this fuss really over a single cropped photo? It can't be, surely? I just hope Chinese people take this lesson and in future hold their own media to the same exacting standards. I expect an anti-CCTV any time soon

Its funny how many Chinese are furious with western media - I agree totaly that the western media often bends the truth, but you would have to be incredibly stupid to believe Chinese media is more free?!? China is now part of a global community and while they can inflict hideous treatment on their own citizens they cant expect the world to sit back and ignore it - I think in the future Chinese people will look back at their actions in Tibet in the same light as the cultural revolution - a tragic moment when China tore out its own heart and destroyed it. The sad thing is how vigorously the slaves defend their master the same master who mascarred all the chinese students in tianamen Square.

Freedom and Democracy has been a pursuit of most western countries for hundreds of years. This is not the case in China's history (not until Sun Yat Sen brought the Three Principles of the People). Democracy, 'human rights' and freedom of speech did not come about in a few years for the countries in the west, nor will do for China. Although I agree with constructive criticism and aid, judging China with western 'civilized' standards is an unfair scale. And isn't it hypocrisy to describe China as "inflict hideous treatment on their own citizens" when the US has Guantanamo Bay, supported numerous dictators/regimes, as has Britain and other western countries? Does anyone really think governments who criticize China or boycott the Olympics really care about ethics or morals or human rights in other countries other than their own?

I do not wish to pit the East vs West, I just think we all can try to understand the Chinese government, Chinese people in it's various ethnicities, Tibetan history and people's needs, if our aim, truly is peace. Although seeing the propaganda in some western reportage and governments reaction to China's response in Lhasa and towards the Olympics unfortunately, suggests otherwise...

JC, London.


I, another Malaysian, was among the early few who have been posting on the YouTube since 3/14 to support our Chinese brothers against those depraved Free Tibet supporters. Many families in Malaysia have relatives in China and they are still connected and have feelings for the motherland. We shall let them see the power of Chinese unity unleashed upon them when the time comes.

Faced with a realization that in 10 or 20 years they will have to shoulder the responsibility to continue to carry out the transformation of China. And there is a lot of hard work still left for them to do. And confronted by the fact that the CCP is still there, alive and well, and in control and not really the paragon of "social harmony" it claims to be. This leaves a lot of heavy lifting still to be done by the new young generations of China. When faced by all this the Han kids from the mainland decided to curl up into a fetal position in the floor, put their thumbs in their mouths and repeat "I heart China! If I'm good then Father Hu will protect me!"

Somewhere in heaven Laoshe is writing a new chapter for his Teahouse play, but he still has hope that this chapter could include a hopeful message foreshawdowing a happy ending.

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