Zhang Neixian's 100% Strawberry

The independent DV by a university graduate has been deleted from Youku but is still showing on Tudou (and also on Youtube). Despite the tribute to Japanese adult video at the beginning, the rest of the film (forthcoming) isn't related except for the comic that it's based on. The following is an explanation from the director, and then a transcript of the film.

Because I am worried about the many problems that could happen afterward, I have to say something. You can tell from looking at the movie poster, much is hidden in the movie, it's just that you don't know it yet. If 100% Strawberry is just a simple porn movie, then there's no point for me to stay in this field. I don't need to worry about censorship, because there is nothing extreme in the film. Also don't tell me that I am poisoning youth, kids nowadays mature very early, look what they are showing on TV these days? They don't need me as a channel to be poisoned.

This film is adapted from a Japanese comic. As for an independent DV film, it's obvious that I don't have the rights. But it's impossible the film will be shown and sell tickets, and it's completely unrelated to infringement of the rights. I am a newly graduated student. A few days ago a Japanese journalist (the name was Katsumata Ayako, but I've forgotten the name of the magazine) came to interview me about the last film I did, but she saw the trailer and other information on my computer. She wasn't unhappy in any way, but thought that this was pretty amusing, she also took the trailer back to Japan. I think that we should have the mentality of a "big country:" If the Japanese don't have a problem with it, why should we feel inferior about it?

In fact this film doesn't have much to do with the original work, it's just that the inspiration comes from 100% Strawberry. I think we should respect the original work but giving it due in the film. If I want to, I can edit the film into something more fly, and change its name, you won't know that there is an original work. How many people do this in China? How many films and TV soap operas, cartoons, music is copied and plagiarized? Only some it's obvious but most people can't tell. I don't have such creative talent, I want to be an honest xx. Apart from 100% Strawberry, I have also imitated a lot more, in the end you'll all know what it is. I like Japanese comics, and I think that the creativity of the Japanese are at this moment in time is more ahead by a few years, this was caused by the system we were under. Even if you are xx, you still have to recognize this point right? My ability is still far from it but I hope that one day I will have enough ability, and will have the opportunity to formally adapt a Japanese comic, and then sell it back to the Japanese, and happily earn money from the Japanese. I think this would be the respectful thing to do.

Hello, what is your name?

My name is Nishino.

Nishino ah. What a cute name. How old are you?


Twenty-two ah.


I've heard... Your underwear today... is white?

I'm not wearing any underwear.

Oh really?!


(The first time it happened was...)

Can I not answer?

Please just say something... I really want to know...

I might have been...16.

16 ah. Where did it happen?

It happened ... in the classroom.

In the classroom?


So... what do you think of me?

You're OK.


I really can't wait.

So... let us begin!

Ah... sounds good.


Please give me many pointers.

Please give me many pointers.

Will try hard today!


Is this some new spunky method?

What are you doing? If you come over here I will call the police!

I'm not that wild about bed scenes.

One teapot together with four teapots is the best way!

I am all naked oh~

Take off your T-Shirt. Take it off~ Don't keep your hands over it.

What are you going to do? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO???

Let me blow your little chrysanthemum~

You big-chested, empty-brained ugly woman!

You wash-board!

What kind of film is this! I didn't add this part!

[SINGS] Refuse pornography. Refuse drugs. Refuse pornography, gambling and drugs.

I want to "high!"

Love City (a download site for pornography) is so annoying!

Ejaculate onto her face. The feeling of ejaculation, is the right feeling!

What do you want to do this time?

You're really going to take it off?

Ach.. No..

A Zhang Neixian (张内咸) film.
100% Strawberry by Mizuki Kawashita

Yamede (やまで No, stop)

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