Danwei TV 7: Muzi Mei Sex Blogger
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Danwei TV 7: Muzi Mei Sex Blogger

In which your correspondent interviews Muzi Mei (木子美), and manages to escape with his virtue intact.

Muzi Mei (aka muzimei, Mu Zimei, and mu zi mei, real name Li Li) rose to a brief but far-reaching notoriety in the summer and fall of 2003. Writing from Guangzhou, she kept a blog where she described sexual encounters with various men, including a well known rock musician.

Her online diary stirred up an Internet frenzy which got the attention of the print media, but she was soon thrown off the gossip pages of the tabloids, apparently after the circulation of an offical letter calling for such media coverage to end.

She now works for Bokee.com, a Chinese blog-based Internet company, where she works on podcasts. She is not writing online any more, but is producing a series of her own podcasts, including one episode where she recorded the entire process of a quickie from the time that her lover rang the doorbell to her final goodbye: half an hour (link below).

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Comments on Danwei TV 7: Muzi Mei Sex Blogger

Jeremy, really enjoyed the show - these are getting better and better! I remember reading in 2003 about someone who had registered "Muzi Mei" as a trademark before she'd had the chance to register it herself. He/she was planning to release a Muzi Mei cosmetics range (if I remember correctly). Did anything become of this, or did she manage to get her name back?

Thanks Ed. This is the last I heard about the Muzi Mei trademark issue:


Your show is great. I really enjoy it. I am just wondering whether it takes you a lot of time to put it together. I assume it's easier for you to put it together than "ordinary" people since you are in the media field.

Jeremy, awesome yet again. You're really cranking these out - I'm curious how long they take to put together.

The hat is becoming quite a trademark, isn't it?

wow! excellent. Very sweet interview, and I love her cat too

Thanks everyone for the support. Luke Mines films and edits the videos. He works with me on commercial film and video projects, so he is a professional.

Filming time depends on what we shoot. Editing takes a day or two.

The yellow hard hat is the brainchild of Mauro Marescialli.

She's cute. But her teeth need some work.

Five stars, Jeremy. Best yet. And my girlfriend just emailed me to ask me to pass on her thanks for the podcast links bonus. It made mincemeat of her plans to apply herself diligently in a harmonious spirit to an afternoon of translating business documents regarding farm animal feed nutrition additives.

She's really cool. Didn't expect it.

Jeremy, Danwei TV episodes are getting better and better.

Well done.

Regarding Muzi Mei, she looks horrible. what is that pukey green garb she is wearing?
and that hair? She looks like the Chinese female version of Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons.

I am curious about just how much of her "sex life" on her blog are actual real encounters, and how much are fictionalized.

why all these so-called "sex-specialists" and romance novel writters are butt ugly in real life?

Sounds to me, she just uses sex to fill her own emotional void.

When will she be on Oprah or Dr. Phil?

Woah there buddy, don't get all freaky with your midget. Nobody asked you to do anything to anyone.


That was brilliant!

The first couple of episodes were a little so-so - just a kind of a nice extra to the blog, but now I think they are really taking off.

Wow, extensive footage of the infamous Muzi Mei stroking her pussy. Can't beat that.

Commenter above obviously unfamiliar with the attractions of "sexy ugly".

Most people, in fact, with long lists of sexual partners fall into this category. Conjure a list of well-known Lotharios into your mind and you'll instantly see what I mean.

Well down. It is much fun to see how muzimei grabbed the reporter's right to interview the reporter.That is who she is. In Chinese, we call it fang ke wei zhu.

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