Danwei TV: African football champions of Beijing
Danwei TV

Danwei TV: African football champions of Beijing

Last year, the Danwei TV crew made a documentary film about Beijing's African football team African Boots of Beijing.

We caught up with the team again this year to see how they were doing at the end of their season, just as World Cup fever hit Beijing. This short video follows the team for two important matches after they won the IFFC League: the Cup, and the Super Cup.

Sinvu, one of the team's loyal supporters also answers the question: what is it like being black in China?

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Comments on Danwei TV: African football champions of Beijing

Nice piece of reporting. It'd be interesting to see other interviews with non-white foreigners here in China that document their experiences are like.

Great stuff.

can't watch the video, but hope you managed to cath sammy throwing his toys out of the pram on two occassions during the super cup. (maybe next time he will put his boots on and for once let his feet do the talking) or maybe you highlighted how in the african 'team', (or Mercenary FC as they are better known) half the players don't know each others names.
sore loser ;-)


I am a die hard Afrika United supporter, so bear that in mind when you watch the video. :)

I know, I think I saw you at the bad tempered game between africa and sexy Fc just before christmas. also saw the cameraman at the super cup game. would not be surprised if I have a cameo somewhere on that video. will watch when I return home.

Don't you think you should announce your biases a little more clearly in the video.

why should he? what is this, the BBC News?

Jeremy, how come you dont blink?


Really good too see movies from us!
I already miss this team!!
Go on Afrika!

Is this team still competing?

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