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Suggest a Link to Danwei

Do you want to submit a link or information for publication on Danwei?

Send your information to suggest [at], and it will be forwarded to the Danwei editorial staff. Include enough information so that we can get a sense of why the link is interesting. You may remain anonymous if you wish, but including some sort of contact info will allow us to find you for clarification, and more importantly, credit you properly for the link.

Be advised that suggestions of irrelevant information and links obviously not within the purview of will be terminated with extreme prejudice. Please don't use this address for spam or mailing lists - it's a waste of your time and ours.

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+ Culture and corporate propaganda in Soho Xiaobao (2007.11): Mid-2007 issues of Soho Xiaobao (SOHO小报), illustrating the complicated identity of in-house magazines run by real estate companies.
+ Internet executives complain about excessive Net censorship (2010.03): Internet executives complain about excessive Net censorship at an officially sanctioned meeting in Shenzhen.
+ Crowd-sourced cheating on the 2010 gaokao (2010.06): A student in Sichuan seeks help with the ancient Chinese section of this year's college entrance exam -- while the test is going on!
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