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Beijingers agree with Beijing Daily's position on stability: they're all for it!

Beijing Daily, March 7, 2011

The Beijing Daily published two front-page editorials over the weekend calling on the general public to do their part to work for stability. As it continued to push the stability theme in a front-page local news story, today's paper referred several times to the "strong response and resonance" its editorials had generated among Beijing residents.

Referring to the call for weekend protests in China's major cities, both Saturday's "Conscientiously preserve social harmony and stability" (see the translation at China Media Project) and Sunday's "Preserving stability starts with each person" speak repeatedly of the efforts of "people with ulterior motives" to destabilize China.

Saturday's piece declared that "the masses are fiercely displeased" at the "farce." To illustrate the consensus of the masses, today's article, "Preserving social stability and harmony begins with me," presents reactions from ordinary people from all walks of life, paraphrased in language that echoes the original editorials.

  • Ma Huimin (马慧敏): a party member in her seventies. "She clearly sees the essence of those people with ulterior motives who recently have incited illegal gatherings, and said she would not trust rumors, spread rumors, look on, or participate."
  • Deng Haihong (邓海红), an employee of Beijing Jeep who has been in the work force for two decades, applauded the editorials. "He said that so long as we all conscientiously safeguard social harmony and stability, the people with ulterior motives inside and outside China will have no chance."
  • Zhao Yi (赵轶), a software developer of four years, said, "Only in an excellent overall situation of stability, unity, and harmony can young talent like us show off our abilities and plan and realize a better future."
  • Liu Fengzhen (刘凤珍) of Xicheng District received her senior citizen card last year and is enjoying the benefits it brings: free admission to parks, medical compensation. "Without a stable country, where will ordinary people find so many beneficial policies?"
  • Speaking for Beijing's rural residents, Yang Xiuqi (杨秀齐), a 62-year-old farmer, explained how he was able to take advantage of new rural medical policies to avoid paying 70,000 to 80,000 to treat his uremia six years ago.
  • Lu Yaohua (卢耀华), a computer science student at the Beijing Institute of Technology, "had his own ideas about the people with ulterior motives inside and outside China who attempted to stir up so-called 'street politics'. He said, as college students, we ought to keenly recognize the nature of the people who have ulterior motives to incite unrest, and starting with ourselves, safeguard social harmony and stability."

Today's top headline reports on the latest lianghui news: Hu Jintao, Wu Bangguo, Jia Qinglin, and Xi Jinping took part in various discussions. In the photo, President Hu meets with the delegation from Tibet.

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Were animals harmed in the making of Three Kingdoms?
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Beijing wants you to eat well, brush right, and exercise daily
More accusations from Rebiya's family
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Buried alive in Jilin
You grown-ups suck
An innovative use of pigeon blood
Blaming "people who don't know the truth" does not work
Diet treatment to blame for patient's sudden death?
Angry workers beat Tonghua Steel boss to death
Man fired for having a birthmark on his head in Shenzhen
Chinese filmmakers withdraw from Melbourne movie festival
Six-year-old kept in a chicken cage for a year
Be prepared for the solar eclipse
Beijing: China's happiest town?
Ethnic unity on the college entrance exam
University vice president found guilty of plagiarism
Barack Obama and Bill Gates endorse real estate in Xi'an
Shock therapy for Internet addiction halted
Beijing college student robs an on-campus bank
Rio Tinto employees accused of espionage
Two actresses barely survive botox overdose
Work resumes at Shaoguan toy factory
Teacher killer stands trial in Beijing
An aircraft carrier! (It's only a model)
Chengdu bus fire blamed on 62-year-old suicidal gambler
Peking University rejects applicant who faked his ethnicity
People's Daily celebrates with a party wrap-up
A bridge collapse and a train crash
Nine held in connection to collapsed Shanghai apartment building
Chinese newspapers mourn the death of Michael Jackson
Beijing sweltering this summer
Bus driver rampages in Guangdong
Nigerian and Chinese drug dealers sentenced to death in Dongguan
Lavish rewards for whistle blowers
Harvest nostalgia for former rusticated youth
Real estate swindler goes on trial in Beijing
Chengguan in Wuhan stare down their targets
Deng Yujiao leaves court a free woman
Chongqing bombing trial starts in Tokyo
CCTV host dispels espionage rumors by returning to TV
One more reason to buy a Mercedes
New emergency hammers in Haikou buses fall victim to theft
Naked escorts at a Wuhan karaoke bar
Man Wenjun makes televised apology for drug abuse
Flu concerns overshadow the college entrance exam
Anticipating the college entrance exams
393.5 kilograms of drugs destroyed
Hummer sold to Chinese buyer
Grandpa Hu goes to school
WWII veterans return from Burma after 67 years
Husband murders wife's cousin at divorce hearing
Northeast China rocked by North Korean nuke test
Customers take peanut revenge on Chongqing restaurant
Senior citizen pushes would be suicide jumper off bridge
Former government official convicted of multiple robberies
Pop singer Man Wenjun arrested - drug bust at Coco Banana
An international family's domestic violence case
Zhang Jiehai: Shanghai men make the best husbands
AP courses come to American-style high school in Guangzhou
A down payment, gone with the wind
Sanlu name sold for 7.3 million yuan
"Rebirth" in the news
Cai Mingchao finds some art he'll pay for
Two crooked Chinese bank officials convicted in the US
Defector Justin Yifu Lin still a wanted man
Guard your pass word from hidden ATM cameras
College graduate flees pyramid scheme in Dongguan
Wen Jiabao dines with university graduates
China denies Fujian origin of swine flu
Papers raise the alarm about swine flu
High-school educated worker accepted to Fudan PhD program
Chengguan stabbed in Shenzhen
Caged monkeys in Dongguan
The Nanjing Massacre paired with a strong navy
Kidnappers say they just wanted to save their mom
PKU makes sure doctors are slim and tall
Promote your lemonade with a kissing competition
Who ordered the 777 bottles of fake Moutai liquor?
Parents of kidnapped children take to streets in Dongguan
Fake news concocted by Beijing Times sent bank stock price plunging
Soldier killer suspect sketch released, with few details
Helicopter crash off Shanghai
Ministry of Finance imposes executive pay cap
RMB goes cross-border in pilot program
Peking Uni prof in trouble for remarks discriminating against petitioners
Universal health care for China?
DPRK satellite: in orbit or in the drink?
Mainland tourist pleads ignorance in Taiwan graffiti episode
China cozies up to France and the US
'Chinese Nasdaq' may launch in August
Get your own charity foundation for peanuts
Home dialysis cooperative shut down in Beijing's Tongzhou District
The secret of the price of oil in China
Tainted pigs killed in Guangzhou
Rich people should be fined more
Justice comes to pyramid scammers who cheated 23,000 victims
What happens when the 70-year land permit expires?
Hire locals to win a new car!
Reward for informing on one child policy violaters
China's mysterious "tuberculosis ambassador"
Zhao Benshan's Spring Festival MDMA
Chinese newspapers discuss Consumer Rights Day
Laid-off worker kills two before committing suicide
Activists convince a hospital to spare problem cats
Changchun claims endurance karaoke title
Cover your ears: audio drugs are attacking!
Breast protection dancing on International Women's Day
"China Confidence"
Spitting in Jiangxi? That'll cost you three yuan!
Singing the National Anthem aloud
Cai Mingchao: Hero or fool for his auction gambit?
Lenovo laptops at China's top legislative sessions
How much are those bronze heads really worth?
Make fuel and fertilizer out of tangerines
A governor's tearful apology
Beijing woman charged with extortion in car title case
Emperor's relative wants looted treasures returned
Cigarette vouchers lead to corruption bust
Chinese newspapers on the cargo ship sinking
Jobs for all! (Just not the one you want)
The premier saves a child
Earthquake heroes get remarried
Media reform in China by the end of 2010, says GAPP
Safety issues for two milk brands
Firecracker goes through car door, kills passenger
"Iron big brother" finally uses his brain
Employment scam in Dongguan
Lai Changxing granted work permit in Canada
Drought worsening: 100 rainless days in Beijing
99-year-old man on trial for fraud
Fake commercial "expert" exposed
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A time for dumplings
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White House, Dark Horse
New Avian Flu case confirmed in Hunan Province
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Capital of the seedy sauna
Beijing's medical ticket scalpers ring
Multiple murder suspect arrested in Wuhan
Bird nest smuggling ring busted in Shenzhen
Tourist attacked by giant panda in Beijing zoo
Woman in Beijing dies of bird flu
5,000 yuan stored in feed grinder shredded
Larry Yung investigated by Hong Kong securities regulator
First newspapers of 2009
Top fake news of 2008
Fake prostitute bar scam artists go to trial
Official fired over pricey cigarettes
Man sues hospital after a dropped needle pricks his foot
Fires, explosions and the death of an adult video actress
Xidian "credit card gate" scandal
Apply to join the Qiang nationality in Fengxian, Shaanxi
Beijing's coldest December day in 57 years
President Hu's new catchphrases
Leaked questions land exam writer in jail
Hackers who broke into goverment machines arrested
Missing journalist found, in police custody
Where do Nanjing's stray cats end up?
Child gymnast sues his training school
Chairman Mao audition
Traditional education treats Internet addiction
Local authorities in Shandong put petitioners
in mental hospital
Girl chops off her finger to prove her innocence
Wo Weihan convicted of espionage, executed
Dentist arrested as government cracks down on medical quacks
Migrant workers trek back to Sichuan
A condom pledge for World AIDS Day
State compensation in ASUS extortion case
Horse racing comes back to China
Police killer Yang Jia executed
Shaolin takes over
Stock picker fined, barred for price manipulation
23-year-old CEO Dong Siyang worth 300 million yuan?
International marriage broker sent to prison
CCTV rakes in big ad money
Con artist engineers demolition of government offices
China may legalize private money lending
Trial begins for TV host mugger
Police campaign against knives on campus
A taste for duck blood
The VAT, and taxes on virtual assets
Online auction for romantic dinner
Pop star Zang Tianshuo arrested for being mob leader
Chinese newspapers trumpet Obama's victory
China to set agenda for human rights protection
Market manipulator Zhu Yaoming on trial
Reformist emperor Guangxu was poisoned, study confirms
Did the Chinese Academy of Sciences invent melamine fodder supplement?
Most bought-off journalists in Shanxi scandal were fakes, says local government
Abortion adverts come to a college campus
ASUS charges customer with extortion, customer countersues
Strong wind: clear air again in Beijing
Wenzhou govt. to persuade official to return from Paris
Mainland envoy in Taiwan attacked by independence activist mob
Say no to CCTV and yes to Internet videos of the classics
Chairman's grandson starts Mao Zedong Thought department at private university
Medical Stand-Ins Dupe Physical Exams
Former Beijing Vice Mayor on Trial
Eye protection exercises: Fake science or eyesight saving tool?
Beijing radio hosts handcuffed in Prague
Controversy over compulsory running after high school death
The slapped historian speaks
Screw the elderly, I'm keeping my bus seat
Historian slapped in the face for pro-Manchu views
Recapping the National Holiday
Tiger Zhou sent to prison
White Rabbit candy taken off shelves
Looking back at the Dongfeng Spirit
Crocodiles on the loose
A shaving ceremony makes freshmen men
A giant tripod for Yinchuan
Help beleaguered farmers: drink more milk!
1,900-yuan fine for downloading porn at home
Provincial government admits wrongdoing in milk scandal
Male students barred from using dorm elevator in Nanjing
1,253 victims in Sanlu formula scandal
Sanlu recalls 700 tons of melamine-tainted milk powder
Fake beer, fake money, and fake milk powder
Good news for teachers on Teachers' Day
Enraged home buyers protest for refunds
How important is the ability to write an English toast?
Chaoyang District apologizes for stink after another "stroll"
Master Kong apologizes for misleading advertisement
When is China going to launch another manned spacecraft?
Real estate sales plummet during the Olympic month
"Overseas media" responsible for China Internet rumor?
Jin Jing the torch bearer returns
An earthquake hero goes to university
492 meter Shanghai skyscraper opens to public on Saturday
Korean War correspondent Wei Wei passes away
Who are the hottest Olympians?
The good Bolt and the bad Bolt
"Inhuman" Bolt, the flying man
Chinese media calls the Olympics for China
Liu Xiang's departure from the Games
Team China stays atop the medal list
BMW spontaneous combustion
China is golden in gymnastics
Dancer injured in Olympic opening ceremony rehearsal
Chinese-Canadian fencer applauded for displaying "patrotic" banner
Olympic gold winner stamp released
Red letter day
Shandong electricity cuts to power the Olympics
Blow your whistle when you see a terrorist
Shenyang Evening News makes news in the Shenyang Evening News
Wen Jiabao shoots hoops
Olympic baby boom
Will SARFT save us from annoying ads for quack tonics?
Police destroy 14,277 'illegal' motorcycles with bulldozers
Police raid in Shilong village
Jinan's Olympic Center on fire
The epic quest for an Olympic ticket
Bill Gates Beijing real estate rumors
Hero lies to get medical coverage
Pre-Olympic security tightened in Beijing railway stations
Olympic pinhead in Guangzhou
A leaky toilet reveals corruption
Government landmark for sale
China's first jailed sexual harassment offender?
Mother asks for leniency for man who murdered her son
A miracle girl
The blog of the cop killer
Whole country rushes for the Olympic bank note
Twin teen sex scandal, or hype?
Crackdown on 'illegal' online Olympic content
80,000 Peking ducks killed in tornado
Land compensation dispute ends in murder?
In cold blood
Shanghai stabbing spree
Counter-terrorist police exercise on Segways
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Shaolin Temple wants to sell its secret
The gaokao stars
Wen Jiabao visits Gansu and Shaanxi
Beijing's Olympic traffic control policy
A gaokao scandal
A vice-chairman's bad, bad poem
Breastfeeding police officer promoted
Wedding day faint
A historic handshake
Unsatisfactory automatic ticketing
New satellite, more channels
Linus takes the gaokao
Your guide to the gaokao
Top secret exams
The biggest brands in Chinese media
Astronomy vs. the earthquake
An SOS from the countryside
NBA broadcasting suspended in China
Sharon Stone boycott
Li Ka-shing, grave robbery and a Hong Kong - Mainland legal precedent
Govt. loosens post-earthquake birth control
Tent stories in the Beijing News
Soldiers blocked roads leading to Beichuan
Earthquake diaries in the Dongguan Times
Police parade in Guangzhou
A nation mourns in black and white
Death estimate over 50,000
The third day of the Wenchuan earthquake
Front page layouts for the Sichuan earthquake
Sensitive earthquake advertising
Chengdu "strolling" protesters arrested
Hu Jintao beats, hugs Japanese table tennis star
Disclosing the "1984 secret"
CCTV beats libel charges
The disappearance of a graduate village official
Lunch at the Bird's Nest
More torch than you can handle
Nine Dragons chief accuses NGO of anti-Olympic motivations
Speed to blame in the Shandong train crash
Intestinal virus kills 19
A People's War against smoking
An old gang war makes the front page
Darkness in the "White House"
Model cadre for the Internet age
The death of Tan Jing: murder, suicide or drunken accident?
Hate CNN, love Harvard
CNN apology not accepted
Goons and thugs
Expensive resignation
40 million new poor
Two terrorist plots foiled
Go Go Torch
A battle to the death for the Nansha islands
Olympic torch "returns triumphantly" to Paris
Striking Chinese workers return from Africa
Suicide blog lawsuit
Pilots on strike?
Stopping plastic bags
Olympic flame arrives in Beijing
Anti-CNN, by the people and for the people
You are permitted to have a dog now
CCTV celebrities live it up
Another fake South China tiger
No hukou, no way
Beijing — former Haidian District head charged with graft
Focus Media apologizes for mobile phone spam
Wen speaks to the media
Are you nuts? Coconuts are liquid!
Police arrest 60 security guards at MOMA apartments in Beijing
Stock slides as CPPCC closes
Praying for clear skies
Science under the northern lights
Wild snow leopards
Did you get your hair cut yesterday?
Looking back on the snowstorms
Premier Wen presents a report
A big number for the military budget
Lighting up the Bird's Nest
A traffic ticket and a smile
Beijing mini-bus drivers on strike
Worker's Stadium has a new look
A blood bank meets the public
Test-tube baby turns 20
Hostage situation in a Wuhan hospital
Time to pick up a temporary residence permit
Laser light brings the festival to a close
Farewell, Fei-fei
Prices just keep on rising
Crying out for a rice bowl
Please step away from the horror film
Roses in all the colors of the rainbow
Red envelopes for investors
Melting the ice
There's no rush to join the crowds
Tanks on the highway
The Premier apologizes
Snow and chaos
All Chinese museums to be free by 2009
The year of CPI
The Spring Festival rush officially begins
Roaming charge hearing inconclusive
All about snow in Wuhan
Cool duds for the 2008 Olympics
Xinhua tells you how to deal with hot issues
A harmonious route for the Olympic torch
Shanghai is slowly drowning
Pictures of people on the ground
First snowfall of 2008 for Nanjing
Chinese workers get paid 21.75 days per month
No more price hikes for the time being
Beijing Morning Post tarts it up
A bloody pileup in Guangdong
Graduate domestic workers - the Youth Journal smells a rat
A blaze in Urumqi
Andy Lau in the Three Kingdoms era
More money for Beijing
2008: The First on the first
Benazir Bhutto assassinated in Pakistan
Affordable housing puts a smile on your face
CCTV closes the gap
Down goes a power plant
Beijing kid burns classmate
Great buildings of the 20th Century
An eye for Tianjin and a condom for Shanghai
A turning point in the real estate market?
New holiday plan finally published
Anhui meets South Africa
Mourning the 300,000 victims
Winter problems in Urumqi
Putin picks a successor
Fireworks arrive in Beijing
Accidents on the front page
A ten-year-old bullet finds its mark
Dodgy potato chips
Trapped in an elevator in Harbin
I want to be a soldier - like on TV!
The ground falls out from under Beijing's business district
Jay Chou in the subway
A kiss from France
Preserve social harmony. Violators will be punished.
Sarkozy and the terracotta warriors
The best photos of 2007
Academician strips for physical fitness
An injection for King Kong
Yang Liping's fitness tips
Spiderman in China again
Buildings fall in Chongqing
Champions in Changchun
More boys, fewer girls
China's process of understanding leads to lifting of AIDS ban
An elevated tunnel takes shape in Beijing
What meticulous work!
An iceberg theater for China's ice capital
New gadgets for the SWAT team
Paid vacations a possibility in the future
No more motorcycles in Zhengzhou
The second ring's about to shine
Hanging gardens in Beijing
Sorry, Olympic ticket buyers
Beijing's tallest building topped off
No more free lunch
Live statue on Wangfujing Street
Eyewitnesses to the moon-shot
Name your child "Olympics"
The Politburo meets the press
17th Party Congress closes
A new amendment is coming for the party's constitution
Fly me to the moon
What do Hong Kongers care about?
National Party Congress opens today
Special Olympics close in Shanghai
The most expensive house in Beijing
Final preparations for the 17th Party Congress
The richest woman in China
A newer, cheaper Beijing Subway line
Tian Liang leaves diving to act on TV
The lowest subway fare in China
No moon for Kunming
Subsidies for Beijingers
Healthy running
Tycoon donates valuable antique to motherland
$3.6 billion yuan misappropriated
Watch out! A typhoon is coming!
Remember 9·18
China's voyage to the moon
Was 9-11 a conspiracy?! Read this free paper to find out!
Chinese roses blossom
The most expensive land in Guangdong
Hottest summer in seven years finally over
Happy Teachers' Day
All Hu Jintao, all the time
Goodbye, High C! Hello Andy Lau!
Pepsi's gonna dress in red
More soft news on the front page
Caution! Microsoft Warning Line!
Imagine yourself as a cockroach. How do you feel?
Goodbye ministers
Pretty image ambassadors in Changchun
The big meeting is coming
30 textbooks in one term
Environmentally-friendly legislation
Jiang Wen's new film goes to Venice
Get off the train on time, or else!
Ayis in Hangzhou
Fireball on the front page
Disastrous Sepat
Illegal price hikes on instant noodles
1 million cars in Guangzhou
Fenghuang Bridge is falling down
A submerged plane in Yantai
Punishment in cardboard baozi case
An emissions control test and a 40ºC heat wave
Where did Yao Ming shoot his wedding photos?
Olympic Games are just around the corner
Beijing's weird weather
1000-day countdown to Expo 2010 Shanghai
Fuwa on the small screen!
"You are safe now."
Food safety and the coal mine accident
A grand perfomance for PLA's 80th anniversary
Iraq rocks Asia
HIV panic and rotten pears
A pledge ceremony and a new record
Real estate and inside job bank robbery case
A friendly match and a friendly bag
Wind power and foreign tourism
Terrorism in the Global Times
Losers and liars
A newspaper about the great Olympic era
Foggy days and Sino-French relationship
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+ Culture and corporate propaganda in Soho Xiaobao (2007.11): Mid-2007 issues of Soho Xiaobao (SOHO小报), illustrating the complicated identity of in-house magazines run by real estate companies.
+ Internet executives complain about excessive Net censorship (2010.03): Internet executives complain about excessive Net censorship at an officially sanctioned meeting in Shenzhen.
+ Crowd-sourced cheating on the 2010 gaokao (2010.06): A student in Sichuan seeks help with the ancient Chinese section of this year's college entrance exam -- while the test is going on!
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