Wild Ultraman photographed in Guangdong

Wild Ultraman photographed in Guangdong

Ultraman? Or a clever fake?

Xinhua, October 12: "A farmer in Guangdong snapped a photo of a wild Ultraman!" Following careful verification by experts, the Guangdong Forestry Department displayed the precious photographs to the public on 12 October. At the press conference, one could see the excited, smiling faces of the photographer and the experts and scholars. The photos are valuable because they not only provide strong evidence of the presence of wild Ultraman in Chinese territory, but also because they hint that there may be a small breeding population in the area.

Netizen responses

· From Mop, where the photo was first published:

Huanyan: Ultraman does not belong to any individual. The discovery of this one (or this species) proves that the environment in which we live has continued to improve. The Japanese Ultraman has flown to China to spend the rest of its days in Guangdong. I hope that every local government will treat it well and protect it. We welcome all such visitors from afar. Tomorrow I will make a report to my supervisor; I hope that it is not too late to inform the central authorities....

kaiduo KID: Cantonese people eat everything. Is Ultraman better steamed or braised in soy sauce?

ramic: Actually, the wild ones aren't very good, and they're too expensive. People say they're nutritious, but I think they're just talking out of their ass. Domestic ones are better: look at the Ultraman on TV - white and fat. I salivate just looking at it.

Zhao told me to help you: I strongly condemn the original poster's fraud! In China, Ultraman has been extinct in the wild for many years; at present, there are fewer than 60 artificially-bred individuals at a few domestic zoos.

· Standard Ultraman stands 40 meters tall. Posters on Tianya tried to tease out why he's so short in the photo:

Fatty and little boy: There are many different types of Ultraman: Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Taro, Ultraman Leo, Ultraman Ace, Ultraman Dyna, Ultraman Jack, UltraSeven....and also Father of Ultra. Original poster: which Ultraman did you photograph?

From military affairs1: Is Ultraman really shorter than those trees?

Northern sandstorm: It's a young Ultraman! Full proof that this Ultraman group can flourish in Guangdong in the future!

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the funniest things are the netizen responses. they even mixing the fantasy hero with wild animal. some even said the hero was extinct from the forest a hundred years ago.

I SAW ONE TOO!! I caught it with a POKEBALL and brought it home to eat for dinner. Its better braised in soya sauce. I hope i did not do anything illegal cos Ultramans are endangered species. The domestic ones are more delicious though.

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