blocked, but not the Washington Post
Net Nanny Follies blocked, but not the Washington Post

China's Net Nanny moves in mysterious ways.

Google's blogging platform Blogspot, aka, is blocked again.

Of other frequently blocked websites:

Wikipedia is currently available, including Chinese language pages. Many BBC web pages are available but the Chinese pages at are currently blocked. is still blocked.

However, the excerpts of Chinese language audio recordings and transcripts from Zhаο Zıyаng's posthumously published book on the Washington Post's website are still available.

There are currently 33 Comments for blocked, but not the Washington Post.

Comments on blocked, but not the Washington Post

blogspot is blocked now in shanghai.

A nation ruled by people believing in violence and silencing the opposition, there is no hope living there.

Sigh. I just loaded up Danwei to see if a "Blogspot is blocked again" post was up yet. You beat me by a couple of hours. In Nanjing, by the way.

don't know about you guys, but i'm truly fed up and overly-sickened by these ridiculous on and off obstructions online. i think the term 'net-baby' is more appropriate for folks without courage to admit their own mistakes. and like children, they obviously lack the marksmanship to take proper aim to solve this issue and end up shooting themselves in the foot time and again. ultimately i believe this will be their demise, though i hope i won't be around to witness that 'tiananmen' ruination.
(btw, if you're in china, don't bother clicking my link - it's blocked!)

A friend in Chengdu emailed to say she can't access my Blogspot blog.

Chinese media are full of reports about its couple of swine flue cases, but the US media are now basically silent about its thousands of swine flue cases.

burn in hell,nany

What's also curious makes a very interesting point. I did a little research, and he's right: the White House propaganda office has issued an order requiring all of the privately held newspapers in the US (more than 1000!) to immediately cease and desist from reporting all H1N1 cases. No surprise, these newspapers - notorious for their bootlicking coverage the US federal government - did exactly what they were told.

i can't see a bunch of chinese people getting upset about blogger being blocked. so i can't really see it as shooting themselves in the foot.

but i agree with being more than a little frustrated by the whole thing.

thats because everyone has realized that H1N1 was never a big deal, the mortality rate is just slightly higher than ordinary flu, people will be better off living in calm condition than fearing death the entire time, and the initial hysteria by the global medias was a mistake to start with, plus, you can get complete info from WHO and other medical sites, we don't need medias to stir more hypes.

I'm in Hangzhou, not able to access my blogger two days ago, and it's my first time to experience the feeling of being f**ked by the GFW, after I witnessed many good blogs shut down and vaporized. I did feel sorry when this happened to others, but never truly understood how it felt. Now this befell me, and it not only hurts, but irritates and infuriates me, and finally make me desperate, for you can never know when this would end - the Wall that suffocates this nation and the war undergoing beneath between the gov and the people governed (regarding the recent 70 miles incident happened in this city). And for a single, unpolitical individual who is simply trying to make a living aside this battle, he can't close his eyes and pretend to be blind, for now he can't even have access to his own diaries...
before the gov and its violence there is no escapist, nor winner, either you keep silent as a victim, or you shout out to be beaten, and the gov goes at its own pace, slow and unchanged, as nothing has happened

The Wall has gone insane lately, that's for sure, but I suspect all these measures are just for the xxx anniversay, I have ample reasons to believe that things will be back after June, or perhaps July? Just wait patiently, or go for a coffee.

blocked in CQ...

my comment was not only referring to the blogger, wordpress, etc. restrictions (an admitted endless bane to us western types) but also to the bigger censorship picture, one that many chinese do care about. the deprecation of sichuan parents who lost their kids comes to mind for example..

Well, you don't have to have the propaganda office issue directives to have privately owned media outlets bootlick the US federal government. Have you forgotten the Iraq war, the biggest crime of this century?


everyone has realized that H1N1 was never a big deal? then why do three more schools get closed in New York today? mind you, this is a new virus and we don't know very well about its nature yet.


And please don't just blame George Bush. He was elected by you (or your country), twice. By "you" of course I don't mean everyone on this blog.


Final word: It's just funny to see how people here like to complain how GFW has disrupted their lives, but i can't complain how US media have largely ignored the swine flu in recent days.


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Now some foreign people feel how it is to get blocked and they become, understandable, very angry.
I wonder how it is possible that not enough of the 1 billion Chinese in China get angry about these net nanny practices - and by doing so, still taking side with the government?

danwei blocked my comment! holy shit !

tank man: We have your one comment near the top of the thread, but I haven't seen any others here. Feel free to resubmit if you'd like.

I think this is the first time has been in the last 3 year. blogspot used to be blocked too often.

to Itsme:
coz you can't hear them, the silent multitude, neither from the media nor on the web, both of which are controlled by the gov now. But if you can read Chinese and live in China, and do keep an eye on your surrounding, you can't ignore the prevailing discontent among people. And in the past two years this hostility towards the gov has made its way to the surface and rendered several well-known public events despite the strengthened censorship, e.g. the three pushups and this recent 70 miles incident, if you live in China then you know what I mean.
p.s. I'm a 100% chinese, studying in Hangzhou, and Tan Zhuo, the victim ran by the racing car is my alumnus. I didn't participate his memorial ceremony, but I care and I can not be free of anger. And now I'm just learning to express, taking my side, though still you might think it's not enough

I wonder how it is possible that not enough of the 1 billion Chinese in China get angry about these net nanny practices - and by doing so, still taking side with the government?
your first assumption is as ludicrous as your second one.

btw I landed on mars last night, fun trip.

Nice to see that GFW is still making so much sense. I think it's just a government device to confuse and frustrate foreigners.

What'scurious> How did you hear about the school closings? From the US media perhaps?

Just a little hint here:


With those anniversaries approaching, the "Net Nanny" is sure to go wild.

Wordpress is down too. This nonsense has got to stop.

I can understand why they close wordpress; evil subversive voodoo be there mon.

well, try to find some good proxy sites can still access your blogs and still add entries..goodluck! don't let them get under your skin...there's always a way

In Hangzhou. Yeah this definitely sucks but there are ways around it. A good proxy to use is Zendlife. It will allow you to update your blog but you can't upload pictures so you have to do them the old fashioned html way. Let's hope it's over soon.

Does anyone know when blogspot will be back up?

Also, how do you update your blog from gmail??


Some Chinese sources claimed that the Yanhuang Chunqiu website has been forced to close down about 48 hours ago. But I can still access it from Western Australia. I would be grateful if someone in China could confirm for me whether you are able to open this link. Thanks.

Service to the Yanhuang Chunqiu website was suspended over the weekend (Wu Si said the service provider was ordered to do so because the site was alleged to host reactionary writings -- see RFA), but it is now working again in Beijing.

Noted. Thanks Joel.

This censorship hurts Chinese academia and businesses. My academic blog is blocked,, which is a open forum for students at Guanghua School of Management MBA school to post stories and links to innovative presentations and speeches. Blocking academic blogs will stagnate the collective learning of Chinese and foreign students studying in China.

I also work at one of China's best known firms and we commonly post promotional product videos on Youtube and also view competitors product release videos on Youtube. Now my firm cannot release new product videos on Youtube within China and we also have less access to strategic business information as a result of this online censorship.

Picasa web albums is also blocked.

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