Danwei access

Danwei access

Danwei.org has been blocked on the Chinese mainland since around 4pm on Friday, July 3.

Initially, the block was against the IP address, which made the entire server unreachable. Hoping that the block was triggered by some other website on our shared host, we had our service provider switch our IP, at which point we discovered that the string "danwei.org" in the URL was keyword filtered. This means that any page on our website causes a "connection reset" error, rendering Danwei.org inaccessible on the mainland no matter where it is hosted.

Unfortunately, as images are still hosted on Danwei servers, none of the above options comes with illustrations. Danwei.TV comes with images, although both comments and links for recommended reading are not available on that site.

This post will be updated if the situation changes.
(last updated 2009.09.14: Danwei.TV launch)


Comments on Danwei access

why not just install hotspot shield?

i am glad you guys finally made a post about this to clear up the confusion.

I'm assuming that Danwei is still blocked. If so, that's too bad.

Isn't it a bit funny though that Danwei's intrepid founder is off complaining this week in The Guardian about how some American journalist has mischaracterized the recent patriotic stink over the showing of the Rebiya Kadeer documentary at the Melbourne film festival even while his own blog has fallen victim to the great nanny. The hoopleheads at Anti-CNN must be so proud. A knighthood (or the Chinese equivalent, honorary membership in the Party) for Jeremy Goldkorn - King of the Expats and "friend of China" - is certainly in order.

If you haven't read Mr. Goldkorn's rant, you really should. You can find it here. As is Mr. Goldkorn's habit, it is written without a smidgen of irony.


Plenty of irony. But not explicit.

Perhaps you need things spelled out for you?

Jeremy -

Thanks, but no thanks. I still have much to learn - about irony and China both - but not from you, Jeremy "King of the Expats" Goldkorn.

Perhaps you've been too long in China. Why not try living in the U.S. for a year or two? You'd lose your crown, of course. But just think, no more tiresome Chinese lessons. And your blog won't ever be blocked. Imagine that.

We were unaware that a coronation had taken place, Stinky. But if you'd like your crown back, you're certainly welcome to it.

I don't really understand how Danwei being blocked on the mainland has anything to do with Chinese attitudes toward restive minority regions. Sure, there's a single government above it all, but they're two very different things.

Hi Stinky,

I have just read Jeremy's so-called rant, and I fail to see why you are getting so hot under the collar. As an Australian heavily in involved in film culture, I was very unimpressed by the actions of the Chinese govt and various Chinese citizens in relation to the doco at the Melbourne film festival. But Jeremy simply argues that the man who hacked the festival website reflects the views of many ordinary Chinese people. As someone who has lived in China for several years I think he is completely right. Does this mean I agree with the views of the hacker? Not at all - and I dare say Jeremy doesn't either. But that doesn't mean many Chines people don't think in the same way.

Goldkorn's rant in the Guardian is from someone who is desperate to find a story where their ain't one. This anti China trivia gets up my nose. Perhaps Jeremy should try getting a socialist perspective published in the mainstream British press or a pro atheist view anywhere in the mainstream US media. All published material in the UK has to be deposited with the authorities by law. How free speech is that Jeremy?

Derek Amory,

Which "rant" are you referring to? You won't find any anti-China rants coming from me: that is your own imagination.

And if you can't tell the difference between state censorship and editorial choices of media organizations, your imagination is evidently more active than the rational parts of your brain.

Even if your comparison was valid, your facts are not:

The Guardian and the BBC qualify as mainstream media in the UK: plenty of socialist views in both. Atheist views in American mainstream media? Try Bill Maher, the famously atheist host of Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO (pretty mainstream) and writer and star of the pro-atheist film Religulous, distributed by Lionsgate.

Pretty mainstream. Pretty free speech. Pretty easy to find a thousand more reasons why your specious argument is, at best, misguided.

hey, i think the net nanny has unblocked you guys. i can access your site with no witopia.

seems censorship is finally easing, one month after guo qing ri.

I'm not surprised. Most of the content in this site are negative about Chinese society. True, China has many dark corners, but there are also MANY MANY bright side. However, the delibrately selected "BAD" story plus the over generalized name "Chinese media, advertising, and urban life" can be very misleading. I wonder what the real intend of this site is...



Another gov backed Chinese spin-blogger strikes a BBS board...

Hi Danwei'ers,

Were you aware that Danwei has been available in its pure unblocked essence today (4/13) on CHINANET Jiangsu, at least in Nanjing. Or did I miss the memo?

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