Danwei Model Workers 2010

Danwei Model Workers 2010

2010 Danwei Model Worker badge

In lieu of a proper blogroll, Danwei has chosen to award Model Worker citations more or less annually to blogs we frequently read and enjoy.

The years since our first installment in 2005 have seen an explosion in the number of fascinating China-related blogs, written both English and Chinese. Our annual lists have gotten increasingly unwieldy to prepare, and we inevitably end up overlooking a number of our favorite blogs.

For 2010, we have decided to make regular recommendations of interesting reading.

Previous Model Worker honorees:

Below is a list of Model Worker honorees for 2010, updated regularly throughout the year.

Blogs in English

+ The hydra-like blogger C. Custer (2010.05)
The hydra-like C. Custer translates and blogs at China Geeks, China / Divide and ChinaSmack.
+ Expo 2010 and other stories from Shanghai (2010.04)
At Shanghai Scrap, Adam Minter covers the scrap trade, Catholicism in China, and most recently, the Shanghai World Expo and the pitiful United States pavilion.
+ A blog that translates "whatever is interesting" (2010.04)
At Veggie Discourse, PH translates from a wide range of Chinese sources.
+ News of the far west (2010.04)
Far West China: Josh Summers blogs about Xinjiang.

Blogs in Chinese

+ Belief in contemporary China (2010.09)
Li Xiangping blogs about the sociological implications of religious beliefs in contemporary China.
+ Translation and photography in Shanghai (2010.06)
At A Room With a View, btr writes poetry, posts photos of Shanghai, and covers literature in translation.
+ Observations on the mainland media (2010.05)
Fang Kecheng comments on Chinese journalism.
+ Dispatches from the drought zone (2010.04)
Shi Hanbing blogs about economics and the Yunnan drought.
+ A guide to book reviews in China (2010.04)
Duxieren (读写人), an aggregator of book reviews, by Bimuyu, who also keeps his own literary blog.

The 2010 Danwei Model Worker badge is adapted from an old model worker pin issued in 1952 by the Shijingshan Power Station (石景山发电厂) on the outskirts of urban Beijing. The image was taken from a listing on the China Collectors Online website.

Other badge sizes: 160x174 px, 80x89 px

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+ Culture and corporate propaganda in Soho Xiaobao (2007.11): Mid-2007 issues of Soho Xiaobao (SOHO小报), illustrating the complicated identity of in-house magazines run by real estate companies.
+ Internet executives complain about excessive Net censorship (2010.03): Internet executives complain about excessive Net censorship at an officially sanctioned meeting in Shenzhen.
+ Crowd-sourced cheating on the 2010 gaokao (2010.06): A student in Sichuan seeks help with the ancient Chinese section of this year's college entrance exam -- while the test is going on!
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